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A Florida Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals are harmed in accidents throughout the state of Florida. Countless victims here in Jacksonville suffer devastating injuries that force them into area hospitals for several days or even weeks. Although dealing with any type of injury is devastating in itself, being forced to endure the overwhelming mental, physical, and financial consequences due to another person’s negligence just makes the situation even more unbearable. For this reason, it is crucial for victims to contact a personal injury attorney in Florida as soon as possible to explore legal options available for them.

How Attorneys Help Victims

We at Sheftall & Associates provide aggressive legal representation to victims to ensure their legal rights are protected after suffering devastating injuries in accidents through no fault of their own. Our team works on a contingency basis to ensure victims are able to get the legal representation they need and deserve without having to worry about the costs of doing so upfront. Instead, victims can rest assured knowing their legal rights are protected while they focus on recovering.

Working with a reputable attorney will ensure your best interest is protected. Some of the tasks our attorneys help victims with include:

Investigating the Accident: When victims are harmed in accidents, they are often unable to take photos and gather other critical evidence found at the site. Having this evidence is crucial in ensuring victims have the strongest legal claims imaginable. We gather evidence, take pictures, record videos, and hire expert witnesses to recreate the scene of the accident whenever necessary.

Determine the Costs of an Accident: Victims who are injured in horrific accidents often sustain overwhelming financial burdens. Our team works with financial experts who can accurately calculate lost wages and earnings on behalf of victims. We gather medical reports, repair statements, and various other documents to prove the costs victims endure.

Handle Paperwork: Our state has a strict statute of limitations, which dictates how long victims have to file their claims. For this reason, we strive to ensure all documents, petitions, and evidence is filed on-time to ensure victims have the best opportunity imaginable to fight for the justice they deserve.

Help Victims Recover: Our team aggressively negotiates full and fair settlements on behalf of victims. We wholeheartedly believe victims deserve to collect the maximum amount of compensation available for their claims to cover all of the financial burdens they face. When we are unable to come to a settlement agreement, we are ready to competently represent victims in a trial.

In addition, we help victims get their property damages replaced or repaired as soon as possible. The goal is to minimize disruptions victims face.

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If you were injured in an accident, and need aggressive and reliable legal representation, look no further. Contact Sheftall & Associates today at 904-647-2296 to see how we can help you protect your legal rights. Meet with our personal injury attorneys in Florida at your earliest convenience to discuss options available for you.