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Advantages of Choosing an Out-of-Court Settlement

Legal settlements happen outside of court all the time. In fact, most personal injury claims will be settled outside of court rather than actually making it to trial. Though research has not shown an exact amount, it is believed that close to 90% of personal injury claims will be settled rather than brought to court. This is sometimes a good idea due to the fact that a settlement does not require a judge or jury. It might work best for you, especially if your case is complicated.

There are many reasons why out-of-court settlement might not be best for a victim. For instance, there may be many desires in your case that you believe settlement might not achieve for you, especially if your case is incredibly complex and involves a wide array of factors. Many laws might also apply to your claim, which might mean that it will do better in the courtroom. However, in many cases, the settlement might be advantageous to those who are filing a claim.

The Many Advantages of Settling Out of Court 

Less Stress: Taking matters to court might be one of the most stressful things that you have ever experienced. It can take a huge toll on your mental health as you put your energy toward it. If you decide to settle out of court where you tend to get quicker results and your case will not go public, you might find that you have less stress to deal with.

Fewer Expenses: When you have chosen to take the route of litigation, the expenses tend to add up quickly. You might find that there are higher attorney fees, the need to hire expert witnesses, and travel expenses as you go to and from the court. The expenses will add up, especially when you are working with your attorney to ensure that you get the best results.

Private Settlement: If you are involved in a court dispute, you might find that everything about your life and your case becomes public record. When you decide that you are going to settle out of court, the details of your case will be unavailable to the public.

A Final Decision: Many people believe that they will have finality when they achieve court results. However, the truth is that your court settlement could be appealed by the other party if they do not agree with the decision, which will send you back to court again. When you reach a settlement, it cannot be appealed and it is a final decision. You won’t have to deal with any legal expenses again. 

Predictability: Settlement is predictable because you know exactly what you are asking for and what you are agreeing to. However, when it comes to litigation, a judge or jury will be taking a closer look at your case and you will not be able to predict what they will agree on.

Speaking with Your Attorney About Settlement 

Our attorneys at Sheftall & Associates have a client’s best interests in mind as we help them navigate the legal system after a Florida car accident. Though some cases will make it to trial, some can be settled with less stress outside of court. This can help you achieve the results you deserve. We believe that parties should always speak with an attorney about their options moving forward. Please contact our attorneys in Florida at 904-647-2296 to find out how we can assist you.