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After a Car Accident: Lost Wages for the Self-Employed

Many people do not realize that the impact of a car accident is much more than medical bills caused by their injuries. In some cases, a victim might lose out on weeks or even months away from work, which can make it impossible for the bills to be met. However, even when a victim is self-employed, it is possible for them to receive compensation for their losses after an accident. There are sometimes more hoops to jump through, which is why it is important that a victim acts quickly to retain their rights.

What Makes a Self-Employed Individual Different from Other Employees?  

There are many differences between employees and people who are self-employed. You are considered to be a self-employed individual when you are considered a freelance, independent contractor, or a sole proprietor in your workplace. In these cases, a self-employed person chooses when and where they work instead of being directed to do these things by their employer. You should always speak with your employer so that you understand where you fit in when it comes to your employment status. This is especially important when it comes time to receive compensation after an accident.

Proving Lost Wages if You Are Self-Employed 

If you are a regular employee, it might not be so challenging to prove your lost wages because it is more cut-and-dry. However, this can be more difficult when you are self-employed. Some of your lost wages include aspects like recent profits made at work, upcoming contract work, and lost business opportunities among many other aspects. When you miss out on any type of income due to your injuries, this means that you have incurred lost wage damages due to your accident.

There are ways that you can prove lost wages and income. Here are some of the types of documents and evidence that you will need to provide:

After a Car Accident: Lost Wages for the Self-EmployedProof of Lost Income: You must be able to show how much income, as well as opportunities, you lost due to missing out on time at work. You might have to submit your 1099 forms, tax returns from previous years, and other related documents to show evidence of how much you were expected to make during your time away. 

Letter from Employer: If you have a supervisor, boss, or office where you are self-employed, they will need to submit a letter that includes identification, employment status, and any information related to the compensation you receive. They can shine a light on how many hours of work you missed when you were absent.

Medical Documentation: Of course, if you have been injured in an accident, you will receive medical care. You should submit all medical documentation that is related to your injuries so that the court can see what you are facing.

Speaking with a Car Accident Attorney in Florida 

It is not always easy to focus on your recovery when you are expected to gather the information that can assist you with your claim. Because of this, you should always have an experienced car accident attorney on your side to help you. At Sheftall & Associates, our car accident attorneys are committed to helping you obtain compensation to cover a wide array of aspects when you have been injured. Please contact our attorneys in Florida to find out what information we can provide to you at (904) 575-9026.