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Are Toy-Related Deaths Common in Children

Are Toy-Related Deaths Common in Children?

Children are injured on a daily basis for a variety of reasons. Every day there are children who are innocently playing in their toy box or receiving a new toy that puts them at risk for an injury because the item could be defective. In fact, children’s toys and other child-related products are leading causes of injuries to young ones. When a defective toy or other malfunctioning or poorly designed product causes your child to sustain injuries or illness, it is imperative that you speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to learn about what you can do to obtain compensation.

At Sheftall Law, our dedicated Jacksonville personal injury attorneys know how distressing it is for parents to see their child harmed in any way. Parents naturally want to keep their children safe from being hurt or wounded. If the injuries or illnesses that a child sustained from a defective product were severe, then there could be substantial medical costs and life-altering implications that result. Parents deserve to be compensated to help pay for these disastrous outcomes.

How Common Are Toy-Related Injuries and Deaths in Children?

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that in 2019 there were 14 children in the age range of 14 and younger who lost their lives as a result of a toy-related incident. The US CPSC said that:

  • Five of these deaths were from nonmotorized scooters.
  • Four of these deaths resulted from some type of motor vehicle involvement. 
  • One death happened after a slip and fall incident.
  • Four of the deaths happened when a young child swallowed and choked to death on plastic balls.

During the same year, there were 224,200 children who had toy-related injuries that required them to go to the emergency room for treatment. Male children accounted for the highest group that was injured by a toy. Males made up 59% of the reported toy-related injuries which were checked into an emergency room for care. Some of the physical trauma that these children sustained included lacerations, contusions, bruising, and abrasions with most of the damage done to the face and head region of the body.

While most of the children with toy-related injuries that took place in 2019 were able to be released after they were seen by an emergency medical professional, there were still those children who were not as lucky. Not only does a toy-related injury cause bodily harm, but it can also lead to significant emotional shock and suffering that needs to be addressed.

At Sheftall Law, your child matters, and the aftermath of a toy injury accident in Florida has the potential to affect them for the rest of their life. Depending on the details of what your child had to experience, he or she may have extensive and long-term physical or emotional pain or both. Accounting for these damages by obtaining a fair settlement with maximum recovery is the goal and the approach the Jacksonville child injury attorneys at Sheftall Law take. 

Who is Liable for a Toy-Related Injury or Death?

Are Toy-Related Deaths Common in ChildrenInjuries from toys could be a result of faulty manufacturing, poor design, or even deceitful or untrue marketing. Depending on what happened, product liability laws in Florida may allow victims to sue manufacturers, designers, retailers, suppliers, or fabricators for their negligence which leads to the harm your child had to endure. Having a solid and knowledgeable Jacksonville product liability attorney gives you the best chance of holding the responsible party or parties accountable for paying for your damages. 

Often, these large companies have a dedicated team of powerful and commanding lawyers that will aggressively defend the interests of the company. You can not jeopardize your case by working with an attorney that doesn’t understand how to combat this type of legal protection and coverage. The Jacksonville child injury attorneys at Sheftall Law know exactly how to defend your rights and freedoms against these highly paid and exceptionally skilled litigators.

Releasing a toy or other child-related product to the consumer means that the manufacturer and seller must believe it is safe. These parties have a duty of care to the public who may purchase the item that they will be safe when they do. The consumer, on the other hand, should have no reason to think that a new product or toy could harm themself or their children. If anything goes awry and a product that shouldn’t have been put out for the public to purchase because it was capable of causing harm, then the party that made the product and sought to sell it can be held financially liable.

The market is flooded with many different products all of which have the potential to injury or cause death if they were recklessly and carelessly released. The children’s market is an industry that is ever-growing and continues to increase. The Toy Association indicates that in 2020 the toy industry was worth well over $32 billion, up 16.7% from sales in 2019.

Speak to a Qualified Toy Injury Attorney Today

The worst outcome of a toy-related incident is death, but permanent damage is also very upsetting and unfortunate. Parents have to protect their children and when their child is harmed unexpectedly from what they thought was a safe toy or product, they must obtain the most compensation to pay for damages from a Jacksonville product liability claim

As a parent of a child injured or killed by a defective toy, you deserve as much compensation as possible to pay for all of the damages sustained. This includes both those that you are currently dealing with along with any that you will have to face in the future. Do not take on the legal challenges alone when the Jacksonville personal injury attorneys at Sheftall Law have the specialized know-how and understanding of the law to help you see your full legal justice. You can share your child’s toy injury experience with the attorneys at Sheftall Law during a completely free consultation. To schedule your no-obligation, no-cost case analysis, please do not hesitate to call Sheftall Law at 904-647-2296.