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Avoiding Recorded Statements with the Insurance Adjuster

Every year, approximately 6 million car accidents take place within the United States. After these collisions, there is no doubt that victims will be speaking with their own insurance companies and sometimes with the insurance company of the other involved party. If the other party’s insurance makes a phone call and asks for a recorded statement from you, you might find yourself caught in a bad position and have many questions. Because of this, you should always be prepared.

Insurance companies will sometimes claim that they are calling in an attempt to help you get the most out of your case. They might say that they are attempting to help you build a claim against the other party so that you can receive the fair amount of compensation that you deserve. However, they will take your statement and twist it and use it against you. This is so that they can reduce the amount of compensation that they have to pay out to you.

There are many reasons why giving a recorded statement is not a good idea. Of course, you should always speak with your attorney before you make any moves.

Reasons Why Giving a Recorded Statement Isn’t a Good Idea 

Used Against You: You are probably familiar with the fact that anything you say could be used against you, and this is also a fact in the case of recorded statements to the insurance company. When you end up in court, many things will be said about you and the other party. If the insurance company believes that you played any role in the fault of your accident because of things that you said in the statement, it could be used against you and you might not end up with the compensation you deserve. This is why you should always speak with your attorney and protect your rights when you can.

The extent of Injuries is Not Apparent: When you have been injured, the extent of your injuries might not yet be known. As such, you might believe that they are not as bad as they actually are. The insurance company, however, will work to rush your settlement so that they can pay out as little as possible. Then, when you discover that your injuries are worse down the line, you won’t be able to receive compensation. You should always wait to give a statement and speak with your attorney until you know that your injuries are at their worst. 

Comparison of Statements: Insurance companies will attempt to gain recorded statements so that they can compare what you say with other statements and look for inconsistencies in your story. Even if you are telling the truth, they will attempt to twist your words so that they do not have to pay out what you expected.

Tricking You: An insurance company is trained in tricking you to give responses that they can use against you in your case. They will ask questions, take your answer, and then try to deny your claim. If you become frustrated, you might say things that you don’t actually mean or give them an answer that is not acceptable to them. In doing so, you could jeopardize your entire case.

How an Attorney Can Protect You After an Accident 

It is always a good idea to have a skilled car accident attorney on your side after you have been injured in an accident so that they can help protect your rights. Your own insurance company is on your side and your attorney will work to help you stay away from recorded statements and other concepts that could jeopardize your case. Our attorneys at Sheftall & Associates have helped many victims of Florida car accidents and are dedicated to helping you get the compensation you deserve after an accident. If you have been harmed and wonder where you can turn, please contact our attorneys in Florida at 904-647-2296 for more information.