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Steps to Take After an Uber Accident

Steps to Take After an Uber Accident

Professional drivers like those that operate taxies and rideshare providers are not exempt from car accidents simply because driving is their job. Accidents on the road can happen for any number of reasons. Sometimes even the most experienced and responsible drivers can find themselves in a distressing situation like a vehicular collision. The use of rideshare services like Uber and Lyft has become very popular. First, these companies’ business model has allowed many people to use their own car to [...]

Defective Car Design Causes Car Accidents

How Defective Car Designs Causes Car Accidents

The majority of car accidents are the result of driver error. However, defective car design is also an issue that can lead to a crash. When a car manufacturer designs a new automobile safety must be factored into the plan. If there are defects or flaws in a car’s design this makes the automobile incredibly dangerous to the public. Individuals that are in a crash from a defective car design can suffer devastating injuries and death. Due to the extensive [...]

Who Can Access a Car Crash Report in Florida

Who Can Access a Car Crash Report in Florida?

In the state of Florida, it is required that police officers report a car accident if any of the following occurs: Individuals involved in the car accident were injured. There was a fatality after the crash took place. The crash was a result of a hit-and-run incident. The crash involved a drunk driver. A vehicle was damaged so badly that it had to be professionally removed from the scene. A commercial vehicle was involved in the crash. The damage that resulted from the crash cost at [...]

The Most Common Injuries Reported Annually from Motorcycle Accidents

The Most Common Injuries Reported from Motorcycle Accidents

Despite the increase in registered motorcycles across the United States and the widening audience they are attracting, the leisurely activity of riding a motorcycle is still very dangerous. Even though motorcycles are not driven on the roads as commonly as passenger sedans, pickup trucks, or vans, they are some of the most deadly automobiles you can drive. Motorcycles are incredibly popular in the state of Florida. Florida has the second-highest number of registered motorcycles when compared to the rest of [...]

What Back and Neck Injuries Can Result from a Car Accident

What Type of Back and Neck Injuries Can a Car Accident Cause?

If you live in Florida, you are at high risk of being in a car accident. This is because Florida is regularly ranked in the top three states for most car accidents reported every year. In 2019, Florida was number three just behind Texas, and then California at number one. In 2020, alone, there were 341,367 car accidents in Florida. No matter what state you are driving in, being cognizant of the rules of the road and taking the appropriate [...]

Can Saying Your Sorry After a Crash Harm Your Claim

Can Saying Your Sorry After a Crash Harm Your Claim?

When victims of car accidents work with a lawyer to help them with their personal injury claims, they will not only have legal support but also be given useful guidance on what to do and what not to do. For example, a lawyer is likely to tell a victim that it is best to stay away from using their social media accounts until their suit is settled. The reason for this is that the insurance adjusters are going to [...]

Is Insurance Required for Motorcycle Riders in Florida

Is Insurance Required for Motorcycle Riders in Florida?

While motorcycles have a large following of people who love to ride, they are nonetheless incredibly dangerous machines. The state of Florida is only second to the state of California for the most registered motorcycles in the nation. In 2019, Florida had 8,810 motorcycle accidents that resulted in 552 deaths. In 2020, the state only had slightly fewer motorcycle accidents at 8,043 with 551 deaths.  If you are interested in getting a motorcycle and hitting the road, it is important [...]

How Does a No-Contact Motorcycle Accident Happen?

How Does a No-Contact Motorcycle Accident Happen?

There were 8,995 motorcycle crashes in the state of Florida in 2019 according to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. There were 550 of these motorcycle crashes that were deadly, while 2,072 resulted in incapacitating injuries. Other injuries were seen in 5,647 Florida motorcycle accidents. What these numbers show is that only a little over 700 motorcycle accidents did not have some type of major bodily harm reported.  One can deduce from this data that driving a motorcycle is extremely [...]

Can You File an Injury Claim Against a Deceased Person

Can You File an Injury Claim Against a Deceased Person?

When devastating injuries are the result of any type of accident, the aftermath can have a wide range of troubling outcomes. Victims not only will have to manage the recovery process of their physical wounds, but they may also have to endure emotional trauma. As a victim works through their mental and physical damages, personal relationships they have with others can be negatively impacted.  Also, paying for medical care is an expensive proposition. If a victim needs extensive therapies, medicines, [...]

What are Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Damages

What are Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Damages?

When a person’s physical injuries are the result of another person’s negligent and careless actions, it could be possible to sue for damages. Filing a personal injury suit gives victims a way to secure compensation to cover the costs of the physical bodily harm and personal property damages they suffered. But these suits can also include much more.  While physical damages may be visible, there are other damages that a person can suffer from after an accident that can not [...]