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Is it Illegal to Lane-Split in Florida

Is it Illegal to Lane-Split in Florida?

The slim and compact size of motorcycles makes them easily able to drive between lanes and cars to get through traffic and to the open road. Certainly, if you are at least a veteran driver, you have seen a motorcyclist weaving throughout traffic driving between lanes at times. While this may seem like a legitimate way to get around for a motorcycle driver, lane splitting, as it is known, is extremely dangerous. Considering that motorcyclists are so vulnerable already [...]

How Dangerous are Tailgating Accidents in Florida

How Dangerous are Tailgating Accidents in Florida?

Cars that drive behind a vehicle too closely and with very little space are said to be tailgating. Oftentimes, tailgating is a result of an aggressive driver trying to enforce their will on the driver in front of them. Potentially the tailgating driver believes that the driver ahead of them is not moving fast enough or they may feel like the driver should move over into a different lane. Tailgating in Florida may actually even happen from a driver [...]

How Often is Alcohol Involved in Florida Boat Accidents

How Often is Alcohol Involved in Florida Boat Accidents?

Florida’s warm climate, access to the ocean, and ample amount of lakes make it a perfect state for boaters. Throughout the year any boat enthusiast can rent a vessel or take out their own boat and enjoy a day on the water. Like driving, operating a boat takes attention and care. The amount of destruction and harm that can happen after a boating accident in Florida can be significant. Similar to car accidents in Florida, boating accidents have the [...]

Watch Out for Deadly 18-Wheeler Truck Blind Spots in Florida

How to Be Aware of 18-Wheeler Truck Blind Spots in Florida

Many drivers have a real fear of driving next to large commercial trucks in Florida and around the country. It isn’t just scary, it is also challenging driving near these massive automobiles. If you are driving behind an 18-wheeler in Florida you cannot easily see around them to assess what traffic is doing in front of the truck. You may be stuck behind a truck and have to constantly adjust how fast you are driving to account for the [...]

What Are Florida's Laws For Child Safety Seats in Cars

What Are Florida’s Laws For Child Safety Seats in Cars?

Because driving puts you and your passengers at increased risk for injuries and death, being proactive and taking the proper precautions to avoid a crash is good practice. Your children are precious and because of how much damage their tiny bodies can take when they experience forceful impact, children riding in cars need extra, specialized protection. Children of specific height and weight are required by Florida child safety seat laws to be sitting in approved seats that will keep [...]

Who Investigates Florida Motorcycle Accidents

Who Investigates Florida Motorcycle Accidents?

The Law Offices of Sheftall & Associates helps victims of Florida motorcycle accidents preserve their rights and get compensated when they have been harmed after one of these catastrophic incidents takes place. The Florida motorcycle accident attorneys at Sheftall Law have many decades of experience fighting for fair treatment and full compensation to victims that have suffered injuries and families that lost loved ones in motorcycle accidents across northeastern Florida. Because of the extensive damages that can be sustained [...]

Reducing Medical Misdiagnosis in Florida

Reducing Medical Misdiagnosis in Florida

Medical conditions that are improperly diagnosed can negatively affect a patient’s life and even be the reason for the development of additional diseases and ailments. Thinking about medical malpractice, misdiagnosis often isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Doing surgery on the wrong part of the body or leaving objects in a person’s body during a procedure tends to be linked to medical malpractice more frequently than a misdiagnosis. While these instances are extreme and they actually happen [...]

The Growing Trucking Industry is Contributing to the Increasing Traffic Accidents

Is Growing Trucking Industry Contributing to Increasing Traffic Accidents?

Driving near 18-wheeler trucks in Jacksonville poses a greater threat of harm than driving near another fairly comparably sized automobile. The amount of destruction that a commercial truck can inflict on smaller vehicles is significant. People driving in a passenger sedan, for instance, will be much more vulnerable to devastating and catastrophic injuries if an 80,000 pound, up to 80 feet long beast slams into them. Victims that survive Jacksonville commercial truck accidents and the families of those who [...]

How to Protect Your Child from the Most Common Injury Situations

How to Protect Your Child from the Most Common Injury Situations in Florida

Children are vulnerable to many types of injury accidents. While caring parents always keep a close eye on their child, understanding the most common injury accidents that children are more vulnerable to can increase a child’s safety. The most devastating thing that can happen to a parent is severe injury or loss of a child, especially if the action could have been taken to prevent the tragic incident from occurring. A child’s small size can put them at greater [...]

Emergency Signs of Catastrophic Spinal Cord Injuries

Signs of Catastrophic Spinal Cord Injuries

Sustaining damage to your spinal cord can result in life-altering, devastating consequences that may be permanent. You could have issues with strength, your senses, as well as issues with proper bodily functions. A healthy person that has a traumatic incident that leads to spinal cord trauma will not only have to deal with the physical harm that they sustained but may also have to manage the psychological toll that the incident caused. Coming to the realization that your entire [...]