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Can New In-Vehicle Technology Hinder Or Help Your Driving?

Can New In-Vehicle Technology Hinder or Help Your Driving?

Back-up cameras, lane detection, self-parking. All are very useful features that come on most news cars. They can help with seeing directly behind us while backing out of the driveway, staying in our own lane on the highway, or those pesky parallel parking jobs. They are useful to most of us who have them. But what happens when we rely on them too much and they malfunction? These are all computerized systems and they can crash just like a [...]

What Happens When A Child Is Injured In School?

What Happens When a Child is Injured at School in Florida?

As a parent, there is nothing more terrifying than getting a call from your child’s school principal stating that your child has been seriously injured on the school grounds. Your children are your whole world and you would do anything to protect them. The school grounds should be a safe place for children and hearing the news that yours has been injured can be devastating and confusing. This week, we will be talking about the types of injuries that [...]

Staying Safe While On A Cruise

How to Avoid Florida Cruise Ship Accidents

Going on a cruise is one of the safest methods of traveling and a great way to spend a vacation. When COVID-19 hit, the entire world came to a complete halt, including cruises. Several thousands of people had to be stuck on cruise ships for an extra amount of time to help stop the spread of the deadly virus. However, major cruise lines such as Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruise Line have announced that they will be resuming cruises [...]

Common Causes For Boating Accidents In Florida

Common Causes For Boating Accidents In Florida

On the lakes across the United States during the summer months, or any time in the great state of Florida, boating has become a past time for many. While boating accidents are much less common than car accidents, they still do happen. In 2018, the number of boating accidents in the state of Florida reached 608, the highest number of recreational boating accidents in the United States. In 2019, those numbers climbed up to 723 accidents. In this week’s [...]

Tips On Dealing With A Drunk Driver After An Accident

Tips On Dealing With a Drunk Driver After an Accident in Florida

It is widely known that drunk driving is dangerous and can be a deadly decision to take. In 2016 the Department of Transportation documented that 18% of all vehicle deaths are caused by drunk drivers. However, drunk drivers can be even more dangerous after the crash. They could become unpredictable and angry, turning their fury towards you.  Anyone in an accident should call 9-1-1 first. After the first responders are on the scene, the situation greatly improves. The impaired driver [...]

How To Tell If You Qualify For Loss Of Consortium Damages In Florida

How To Tell If You Qualify For Loss Of Consortium Damages In Florida

When you or someone you love has been involved in a personal injury accident of any kind, you may have the right to demand damages. When we usually think of damages, we tend to think of monetary losses such as medical bills, lost wages, or loss of earning capacity. What we don’t realize is that accidents cause more than just physical injuries. They can also cause emotional harm and stress to the victim and their family. Relationships can also suffer [...]

Is Lane Splitting Legal In Florida?

Is Lane Splitting Legal In Florida?

It’s the 5:00 p.m. rush hour on the busy interstates of Florida. Traffic has slowed to a crawl, and all of a sudden, a motorcycle squeezes between you and the car next to you in order to move forward. Is this even legal? It’s definitely frustrating for motorists who are unable to do the same thing. This practice amongst motorcyclists is also known as lane splitting and is in fact illegal in most states, including Florida. What Is Lane [...]

How To Calculate Pain And Suffering

How to Calculate Pain and Suffering in a Jacksonville Personal Injury Claim

Being involved in an accident of any kind will leave a serious impact on a victim’s life. Financial losses such as lost wages from having to take time off work and medical expenses are a heavy burden to bear. But what about the mental suffering, the diminished quality of life, or the relationships that suffered due to these injuries? These are all included along with the physical pain you have suffered in a type of compensation called pain and [...]

Can New Truck Stopping Technology Prevent Accidents?

Can New Truck Stopping Technology Prevent Accidents?

Whether you’re driving on the quiet roads of Florida or the busy interstates across the United States, it is inevitable to come across a commercial truck. These gigantic vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds fully loaded, and just the sheer sights and sounds of one can be enough to intimidate even the most skilled drivers.  Florida semi-truck accidents can be devastating and leave a serious impact on a victim’s life. Fatalities from truck accidents have been on the rise [...]

Was This Accident Staged? Find Out How To Tell

How to Tell if an Accident Has Been Staged

There is nothing more terrifying as a Florida driver than being in a car accident. If having to miss work due to injuries and stacking medical bills weren’t already enough added stress, there’s also the chance that your accident could have been staged. Car accident scams are a huge problem in the state of Florida and it’s not easy to be able to tell if your accident was staged or not. Don’t worry, not many people can. We at [...]