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Catastrophic Pedestrian Accidents Sometimes Happen at Night

Catastrophic Pedestrian Accidents Sometimes Happen at Night

Every year, thousands of pedestrians lose their lives in horrific accidents on roads throughout the United States. Though these accidents can happen any time of the day, nighttime pedestrian accidents are on the rise, and many lives are taken during these hours. By understanding why pedestrian accidents tend to occur often at night, drivers and pedestrians alike can take precautions that can reduce the number of fatalities on our roads each year. 

Why Walking at Night Can Be Dangerous

More pedestrian accidents happen at night than at any other time of the day. In fact, according to statistics, approximately 70% of all pedestrian accidents take place during the night. This means that accidents are more likely to happen between the times of dusk and dawn. But why is this?

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration found through studies that the most dangerous times for pedestrians to be out walking is between the hours of 6 p.m. and midnight. In fact, this is when approximately 50% or more pedestrian accidents take place each year. This cannot always be prevented, as many pedestrians choose to walk home from work or head out for evening plans with families. This means that drivers must always be aware of some of the most vulnerable people who share our roads.

Visibility Issues Involving Pedestrians at Night 

Catastrophic Pedestrian Accidents Sometimes Happen at NightAfter a pedestrian accident at night, one of the most common things that a driver will claim is, “I didn’t see the pedestrian.” This is due to the fact that it is harder for drivers to see certain things (including people) when it is dark out and visibility is already low. On top of that, approximately 9% of the population suffers from a certain degree of night blindness, which means that it is not always easy for drivers to take notice of pedestrians in these conditions. Many accidents take place at night due to visibility issues including poor lighting, driver inattention, poor clothing choices on behalf of the pedestrian, and even failing to drive at correct speeds.

Intoxication Playing a Role in Pedestrian Accidents 

Intoxicated driving is more likely to take place during the night hours as well when bars are open and friends are meeting up. When a driver is intoxicated, they are less likely to pay close attention to certain aspects on the roadway, including pedestrians. Hundreds of people will lose their lives each year in Florida drunk driving accidents and pedestrians are no stranger to these crashes.

Pedestrians can actually make decisions while walking that could protect them from dangerous intoxicated driving accidents. These include the following:

  • Walking at marked crosswalks at all times.
  • Yielding to drivers even when they have the right-of-way.
  • Staying away from the flow of traffic as much as possible.

How a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Can Help 

Pedestrians are prone to severe harm on our roadways due to the fact that they do not have protections against large motor vehicles. As such, it is important that victims seek the help of a Florida accident attorney at Sheftall & Associates after one of these catastrophic accidents. Our personal injury attorneys in Florida have the resources necessary to help you through this difficult time in your life. You have options and do not have to stand alone. Please contact a pedestrian accident attorney at (904) 569-6025 for more information on your legal options moving forward.