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How to Protect Your Child from the Most Common Injury Situations

How to Protect Your Child from the Most Common Injury Situations in Florida

Children are vulnerable to many types of injury accidents. While caring parents always keep a close eye on their child, understanding the most common injury accidents that children are more vulnerable to can increase a child’s safety. The most devastating thing that can happen to a parent is severe injury or loss of a child, especially if the action could have been taken to prevent the tragic incident from occurring. A child’s small size can put them at greater [...]

Emergency Signs of Catastrophic Spinal Cord Injuries

Signs of Catastrophic Spinal Cord Injuries

Sustaining damage to your spinal cord can result in life-altering, devastating consequences that may be permanent. You could have issues with strength, your senses, as well as issues with proper bodily functions. A healthy person that has a traumatic incident that leads to spinal cord trauma will not only have to deal with the physical harm that they sustained but may also have to manage the psychological toll that the incident caused. Coming to the realization that your entire [...]

Can Maritime Workers in Florida Sue Their Employer for Negligence

Can Maritime Workers in Florida Sue Their Employer for Negligence?

On land, the workers’ compensation system is a way that workers who are injured, while they are engaged in the duties and responsibilities of their job, can have their medical costs and potentially a portion of their wages paid while they recover. Employers will purchase workers’ compensation insurance to cover the costs of workplace injuries. This insurance also shields employers from being personally sued by an employee who was injured. For those that work on the open seas, maritime law [...]

What Causes Florida Cruise Ship Injury Accidents

What Causes Florida Cruise Ship Injury Accidents?

Accidents that cause injury or even worse, death, can happen any day of the week and in any situation. When you get into your car, go out to eat, go to the doctor, or even open up a new product that you just bought, there is the chance that something can go awry and cause you or one of your loved ones harm. Injuries and death from car accidents are the most prevalent in the United States, but traffic [...]

Florida Changes No-Fault System

Changes to Florida’s No-Fault Insurance System

States that follow a no-fault insurance system say that a driver’s own insurance will pay for their resulting damages up to their policy’s limit. This type of system does not take into account who was responsible for causing a traffic collision which is why it is called no-fault. For example, let’s say you are on the road taking your child to school. After you drop your child off, you begin to exit the parking lot but a car behind [...]

Are Toy-Related Deaths Common in Children

Are Toy-Related Deaths Common in Children?

Children are injured on a daily basis for a variety of reasons. Every day there are children who are innocently playing in their toy box or receiving a new toy that puts them at risk for an injury because the item could be defective. In fact, children’s toys and other child-related products are leading causes of injuries to young ones. When a defective toy or other malfunctioning or poorly designed product causes your child to sustain injuries or illness, [...]

Choosing the Safest Vehicle for Your Teen

Choosing the Safest Vehicle for Your Teen

Parents get to enjoy watching their children grow and hitting new milestones. One such milestone is becoming of age to legally drive. Even though many times, the prospective young driver may be more enthusiastic about the proposition of driving than their anxious parents, it is still a pivotal part of life. It is understandable why new drivers would be so excited about getting their license and the chance to travel more easily from place to place. It is also [...]

Men Are More Reckless Drivers than Women

Men Are More Reckless Drivers than Women in Florida

Florida is a state that has some of the highest rates of fatal car accidents. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicates that in 2019 Texas had the most fatal crashes followed closely by California and then Florida. Driver error is typically the cause of all accidents including fatal accidents and driver error can come in several different forms. Drinking and driving are illegal across the United States and in Florida. When alcohol is high in a driver’s system, [...]

How Common are Florida Fatal Car Accidents

How Common are Florida Fatal Car Accidents?

Traffic accidents in the United States happen so frequently that they are the leading cause of death and personal injury in the United States. The cost of car accidents in the country is astounding at an estimated more than $240 billion annually. It isn’t just the loss of productivity, the medical costs, or the property damages that result from traffic incidents in the United States that have a high cost, it is also the sorrow that people have to [...]

Guidelines to Safely Operate a Boat in Florida

The United States Coast Guard’s Recreational Boating Statistics in 2019 showed that there were 4,168 boating incidents that resulted in the loss of 613 lives. These incidents also lead to 2,559 injuries. The total cost for property damages that year from these incidents was $55 million. Even though the fatality rate from boating accidents in the country decreased in 2019 by 1.9%, the state of Florida is still number one when compared to all other states in terms of [...]