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Chiropractic Treatment Damages in Your Personal Injury Claim

Back and neck pain are incredibly serious for some following Florida car accidents. As such, part of your recommended medical treatment may include one or more trips to a chiropractor. According to recent statistics, approximately 35% of people who are seeking chiropractic treatment specifically for back pain suffered some type of accident, including car accidents. Many individuals find that this type of treatment helps them get back to activities that they enjoyed before their accident.

A chiropractor’s role is to use a hands-on method of manipulation to relieve different parts of the body including muscles, joints, bones, and tissues. Many people who endure a serious car accident will say that pain has the biggest effect on their daily lives. Unfortunately, many of the injuries that we receive in car accidents cause pain. This is why chiropractic treatment may come into play. However, can you ensure that this type of treatment will be covered in your injury damages?

Proving That Your Medical Expenses are Necessary 

Even though many people say that chiropractic treatment helped them following a car accident, others may contest that this type of treatment is not ‘medically necessary’ and, therefore, should not be part of damages in a personal injury claim.

Chiropractic Treatment Damages in Your Personal Injury ClaimLosing defendants are ordered to pay for all of the medical expenses that a plaintiff sustained after their car accident. This means that a plaintiff will submit all of the medical expenses that they have received due to the accident. However, if it is argued that some of the treatment was not medically necessary, it will not be part of the damages reward and the plaintiff will have to pay out-of-pocket for this care. Your claim for chiropractic care could be denied just because of the fact that your documentation is vague and inconclusive, which is why you need to be able to prove that the treatment was necessary for your injuries.

In many cases involving contested medical care, a plaintiff will have to hire a skilled medical expert who will testify on behalf of the treatment that you received and how it helped with treating your injuries. Especially when your pain is well-documented and you can show that you have suffered as a result, a medical expert will be incredibly useful and enlighten a judge or jury to what you have dealt with since the accident took place. Many chiropractic treatments can get pretty high, especially when a person is seeing their chiropractor frequently. This is why it is best to be prepared for anything.

Dealing with Insurance and Chiropractic Care 

Insurance companies are always looking for ways to not have to pay the full expenses that a person has incurred due to their accident. It is important that you do not move forward with settlement until you and your chiropractor have decided that you met maximum potential recovery, which is when you feel that you have fully recovered from your injuries. You want to ensure that you are ready to prove your claim to insurance and receive the maximum amount of compensation available for you.

Speaking with a Personal Injury Attorney After a Car Accident 

Medical care is extremely important after a car accident and any attorney will tell you that it is absolutely necessary if you wish to move forward with your claim. Our personal injury attorneys at Sheftall & Associates have helped many victims who have been injured in serious Florida car accidents. For years, we have helped injured victims receive the compensation they deserve and will stop at nothing to ensure that you receive reimbursement as well. Please contact an accident attorney in Florida at (904) 575-9026 for assistance with your personal injury claim.