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Common Causes of Rollover Accidents in Florida

Rollover accidents continue to take place every day within the U.S., causing some of the most catastrophic injuries and damages to the parties involved. Though only 2.1% of all accidents involve a rollover, they are still one of the most dangerous types of accidents and have a greater likelihood of ending in fatalities. For instance, in 2010 alone, over 7,600 people died in these accidents in the U.S.

Because rollover accidents are so dangerous, it is imperative to identify the many ways that these accidents occur. Through this identification, we can find out how to prevent these accidents and what drivers need to work on to ensure that we reduce the number of rollovers that happen each year.

Common Reasons for Rollovers

Overcorrecting: When drivers drift from their own lane due to one of many reasons, they might attempt to jerk their wheel in the other direction, causing something that is known as “overcorrecting.” This leads to a loss of control in a vehicle, which can cause a vehicle to roll over with force. Many of these occasions involve drivers who momentarily fell asleep at the wheel or drove distracted and lost control.

Weighed Down Vehicles: When a vehicle is carrying too much weight, it might be more prone to rolling over as well. Vehicles become weighed down when the center of gravity is further from the ground level. This is especially true in cases where a vehicle is carrying an excessive amount of weight on top of the vehicle, such as when objects are being carried.

Top-Heavy Vehicles: Examples of top-heavy vehicles include SUVs, which are prone to exhibiting a higher center of gravity. The moment an SUV loses control, it is more likely to roll than any other type of vehicle. 

Aggressive Driving: When drivers engage in aggressive driving behaviors, there is a greater chance that a rollover accident will occur. Changing lanes at a high rate of speed can cause a driver to lose control and start rolling, which can lead to injuries or even fatalities in the blink of an eye.

Hazardous Roads: Some roadways are inherently dangerous including uneven pavement and potholes. These surfaces can easily lead to rollover accidents. 

Weather Conditions: One type of outside force that is most likely to lead to rollover accidents are weather conditions. These accidents happen quickly when a driver is not paying close attention to the roads during a storm or when there is poor road visibility.

Holding a Party Liable After a Rollover Accident 

Whether you have been injured as a passenger or another driver due to a rollover accident, you have many rights to compensation against a party who has caused you harm. From determining if an individual’s acts led to the accident or if there were mechanical defects or adverse road conditions, you have many rights under the law. A car accident attorney at Sheftall & Associates will work tirelessly to assist you in your time of need and help you gather evidence that can be useful to you in your time of need. Please contact our skilled law firm at 904-647-2296 to find out what we can do for you.