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Common Injuries Stemming from Side-Impact Collisions

Every accident has a chance to cause serious injuries and this is the reality with side-impact collisions as well. Side-impact collisions are also commonly referred to as t-bone accidents. These accidents occur when a driver strikes another vehicle on the side, mostly at intersections. These accidents account for approximately 25% of crashes that result in injuries.

The truth is, side-impact collisions are among some of the most severe accidents and lead to serious injuries. On top of catastrophic injuries, they could also lead to fatalities. The severity of a side-impact collision will depend on the vehicles involved, the force used, and where the vehicle struck the other. Being faced with serious injuries can put you in a challenging position but you have options during these difficult times.

Injuries Resulting from T-Bone Accidents 

When a vehicle is struck in the side, it can put the driver of a vehicle or passengers at risk who have few protections between themselves and the other vehicle. Because of this, serious injuries can occur.

Back Injuries: Some of the most common back injuries that occur due to t-bone collisions include aspects like herniated discs, spinal cord damages, and back sprains and strains. 

Common Injuries Stemming from Side-Impact CollisionsFractures: Because of the force of vehicles striking another in the event of a side-impact collision, broken bones can occur in the blink of an eye. These injuries can be incredibly painful in nature and require surgery to repair in the event of the most serious cases.

Soft Tissue Injuries: Soft tissue injuries can be incredibly painful and long-lasting in nature. These injuries take place when a person’s muscles or tendons are torn or strained in an accident.

Whiplash: Whiplash injuries are common in side-impact collisions due to the fact that the slamming of another vehicle can cause a jerking sensation, leading to the neck-snapping back and forth. These injuries can be incredibly difficult to overcome and painful. 

Spinal Cord Injuries: When the spinal cord is strained in a collision, a person could receive serious spinal cord injuries, some of which might lead to permanent disability. 

Emotional Injuries: Many victims suffer from psychological injuries in the event of a t-bone collision, especially when the injuries are so severe that it is difficult to get back on their feet.

Receiving Compensation After a Side-Impact Collision 

There are many damages that are common after a side-impact collision, especially when the injuries are incredibly severe. For instance, you may have suffered from medical bills when you had to spend time in the hospital or for future medical appointments. On top of that, it is not always easy to return to work after a collision, which means that you might be eligible for compensation for lost wages. Because of the aftermath of a car accident can be incredibly overwhelming, it is important that you seek the advice of an attorney.

Speaking with a Florida Car Accident Attorney 

The aftermath of a car accident in Florida can leave you with questions. You should always have the help of a personal injury attorney on your side through these challenging times. As you work to obtain recovery, we will provide resources to you to help you in your time of need. Please contact our law firm in Florida at (904) 575-9026 for more information on your options moving forward.