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Delayed Symptoms Caused by Injuries in Florida Car Accidents

Delayed Symptoms Caused by Injuries in Florida Car Accidents

Being involved in a Florida car accident can be a traumatic experience, especially if you have sustained injuries. The truth is, everybody reacts differently from car accidents. This means that, while some people may be rushed to the hospital in pain with severe injuries, others may just be slightly disoriented and believe that they are fine to heal at home. The truth is, failing to seek immediate medical attention after a car accident could be detrimental to your health.

Days or weeks after your accident you might start to notice symptoms that do not seem right. Suddenly, you realize that they just may be related to the car accident and be showing up as delayed symptoms signaling a bigger disorder or health problem. Now, you have to seek treatment so that you can start building a claim and compensating for the medical bills that will continue to pile up after your accident. By understanding that many delayed symptoms might start after a car accident, you can find out why medical treatment is so crucial after a car accident.

Common Delayed Symptoms After an Accident 

Headaches: Headaches sometimes develop hours or days after an accident occurs. Though this can be completely normal due to the stressful situation, other times it could signal a very severe health issue such as a blood clot in the brain, serious neck injury, or a concussion that you didn’t realize you had.

Neck or Shoulder Pain: Many people who sustain whiplash injuries will deal with neck and shoulder pain as a result. These types of injuries are most prevalent in those who have been involved in a rear-end collision of over 14 miles per hour. Whiplash injuries sometimes heal on their own quickly, but other times can lead to long-term symptoms that can affect every aspect of your life. It is important to have tests done such as x-rays or CT scans so that your doctor can rule out a serious whiplash injury.

Back Pain: If you have been involved in a car accident and feel back pain, this means that there could be damage to the muscles, ligaments, and nerves in the back or even in your vertebrae. Many of these injuries result from rear-end collisions. 

Abdominal Pain: Pain or swelling in your abdominal area could signal internal bleeding. You might not notice this for hours or days until you see deep purple bruises, experience dizziness, or even lose consciousness. This is a medical emergency. 

Delayed Symptoms Caused by Injuries in Florida Car AccidentsPersonality Changes: If you have sustained personality changes after your accident, this means that you might have experienced a traumatic brain injury. Some other signs and symptoms include impaired thinking and judgment, movement issues, and problems with your vision. Traumatic brain injuries happen in many car accidents every year, which is why it is important to watch out for the symptoms.

PTSD: The victims of car accidents commonly face emotional trauma due to an accident, which sometimes comes in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. You may be suffering from these damages if you experience disturbing memories related to the accident or start having nightmares and flashbacks. It is important to speak with your doctor as soon as possible so that you can receive treatment.

How an Attorney Can Help After Your Accident 

After a Florida car accident, it is best to be prepared for any type of injuries that you may have sustained. Our Florida personal injury attorneys at Sheftall & Associates are dedicated to helping those in need after life-altering car accidents who have suffered injuries on both physical and emotional levels. You should not have to face the aftermath of a car accident on your own, especially one that you did not cause. Please contact a Florida accident attorney at (904) 575-9026 for more information on your legal options at this time.