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Delayed Symptoms That Sometimes Show Up After a Car Accident

Approximately hundreds of car accidents occur on Florida roadways every day, with a variety of these leading to serious injuries. Many victims will feel the pain of their injuries not long after it occurs, prompting immediate medical attention. However, in other cases, victims might not notice their symptoms right away. They might choose to delay medical care and return home, only to find out later on down the road that their injuries are more severe than they expected.

Many people feel completely fine after an accident due to the fact that their adrenaline is at an all-time high after a collision. Humans have a reaction to trauma so that they can better cope with the injuries that they have sustained. You might not feel pain after your accident but this does not mean that you are facing injuries. It is important that you seek immediate medical care, as delayed symptoms can suddenly come from nowhere.

Common Delayed Symptoms After a Car Accident 

Headaches: Headaches are common after an accident, many of which are minor and will go away in time. However, sometimes they can signal a severe problem such as blood clots on the brain and injury to the neck. If you develop signs of a headache when you have never had one before, or it is more severe than usual, you should always receive medical care. Brain injuries can be incredibly life-threatening, which is why you never want to let them go.

Neck and Shoulder Pain: If you have received pain in the neck after an accident, it is more than likely a sign of a whiplash injury. Many of the symptoms of whiplash do not set in right away and, later on down the road, you might experience stiffness in your neck and severe pain. Your doctor will be able to schedule an x-ray or MRI to accurately diagnose a whiplash injury and ensure that you receive the proper treatment. 

Delayed Symptoms That Sometimes Show Up After a Car AccidentBack Pain: Many spinal cord injuries result from car accidents including herniated discs and soft tissue injuries. These injuries can cause debilitating and unrelenting pain, which means that you should seek immediate medical attention.

Numbness: Numbness can also result from severe whiplash injuries and can present itself in the hands and arms. You might even experience numbness after severe injuries to the nerves in the spinal column. 

Abdominal Pain: Abdominal pain after a car accident can be caused by internal bleeding, which you might not notice until hours later when you are feeling dizzy or notice blood pooling in certain areas of your body. Sometimes, if the bleeding is slow, it could present symptoms days after a car accident. Any pains or bruises should be immediately looked at by a medical professional. 

PTSD: PTSD occurs after a traumatic event and can be subtle at first. Over time, you might experience severe emotional distress due to PTSD, which is why you must seek the help of your doctor.

Speaking with a Florida Car Accident Attorney

At Sheftall & Associates, our personal injury attorneys understand how challenging it can be to move forward after you have experienced a Florida car accident. In the event of a car accident, victims could sustain catastrophic and demanding injuries that take a toll on every aspect of your life. You have a right to compensation as you bring a personal injury claim. Please contact a Florida law firm immediately to speak with a knowledgeable attorney about your options moving forward.