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Distracted Driving Faqs: Everything You Need To Know

Distracted driving takes place every single day in the U.S. and leads to catastrophic injuries and fatalities every year. In 2018 alone, over 2,841 lives are taken in these horrific accidents and many more will spend time in emergency rooms. As a growing issue on our roads, there is nothing more important than learning more about these negligent acts so that these accidents can be prevented. We will discuss some common FAQs about distracted driving.

Distracted Driving FAQ

What are the main types of distracted driving? When you or anyone else on the road engages in any type of activity that is not driving while operating a vehicle, this is known as distracted driving. It is known as one of the leading causes of accidents within the entire U.S. So, how do these accidents occur? They include the following actions:

Visual: Visual distractions occur any time a person takes their eyes off of the road. They include acts like reading a text message, adjusting the radio station, and looking around for something in your car.

Manual: Manual distractions are anything that makes you take your hands from the vehicle such as doing makeup or eating while driving. 

Cognitive: These include aspects that take your mind away from the act of driving such as speaking with another passenger in the car or talking on your phone, even if you are not holding it.

Can I use a hands-free device when talking on the phone and driving? Using a cell phone of any type while driving can be dangerous in many ways. This is because any type of talking or texting can lead to distractions that put lives at risk. This is a cognitive distraction, which might make it more difficult to tell when a pedestrian is walking across the street or when there are sirens coming up behind you. 

How problematic is distracted driving? Fatalities take place due to distracted driving every single year in the U.S. Many people are affected by the act of distracted driving including parents, friends, spouses, and more when a loved one is taken from them or horribly injured. Luckily, these actions are preventable. 

Has the government taken steps to combat distracted driving? Yes, many states have banded together to prohibit individuals from texting and driving. It is also illegal for federal employees anywhere in the U.S. to text and drive.

What can I do to prevent distracted driving? Drivers must be responsible for their actions so that they do not risk the lives of others. There are some steps that you can take before you even get inside your vehicle such as:

  • Put your cell phone on airplane mode
  • Finish your food and drinks before driving
  • Set your GPS so that you don’t have to while driving
  • Finish doing your hair and makeup
  • Make sure that your children are properly buckled

Receiving Help from a Car Accident Attorney

Being injured in a distracted driving accident can have a huge and lasting impact on your life. This is also true for those who have lost a loved one through these negligent acts. At Sheftall & Associates, our skilled car accident attorneys are dedicated to helping you restore normalcy in your life after an accident has impacted you in many ways. If you have been harmed and you wonder where you can turn, please contact our attorneys in Florida at 904-647-2296 for more information.