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Evidence Useful in a Claim After a Florida Car Accident

After a Florida vehicle collision, it is important that you support your claim through the use of evidence. This means collecting proper evidence that is strong enough to show the courts that another person has caused the harm that led to your accident. By speaking with a skilled accident attorney, you will find out more information concerning what type of evidence is needed from you. However, there are some types that are common in almost every accident claim.

Common Types of Evidence After a Car Accident 

The burden of proof is on you following a car accident in Florida. This means that you (and only you) can show that the other party has acted negligently and prove this. Evidence will also point toward the type of injuries you have suffered and the extent of the injuries as well. Here are some of the most common types of evidence you will typically find in claims:

Photographs: Photographic evidence is some of the best evidence that you can have because it shows exactly what happened at the accident scene, sometimes from multiple angles. It is important that you always take your own photos at the scene of your accident, even if you have to use a phone camera to do so. Some types of items that you should show in your photographs include vehicle damages to both vehicles, the position of the vehicles following the crash, road and weather conditions, lighting, traffic signs in the area, debris left behind, and your injuries. 

Witness Testimony: The courts will see your opinion on the accident as biased because nobody wants to admit fault in an accident that might have been their fault. This is why there is a necessity for witnesses to the accident who might have seen it happen. You should always gather names and contact information for any witnesses at the scene. Ask someone who will remain there to collect information for you if you have to be taken to the hospital by paramedics. Your attorney will help you track down or speak with witnesses so that their testimony can come in handy if your claim goes to trial.

Police Reports: If a law enforcement officers arrived at the scene of your accident, which they do when injuries are involved, they will create a Florida police report. These public records can be obtained so that you have them for trial. The police report will typically include an officer’s opinion about the accident, the results of their investigation, and who was at fault.

Medical Reports: Medical records are some of the best pieces of evidence that will give information on the injuries that stemmed from your accident. You should always seek medical attention immediately following an accident so that you can prove that you sustained injuries in an accident. You should always request various means of medical information such as x-rays, medical tests, and more. Your copies will be able to show what you have spent on medical care and what can be expected in the future.

How an Attorney Can Help Following Your Car Accident 

For years, our skilled car accident attorneys at Sheftall & Associates have assisted victims of accidents as they seek compensation for a wide variety of aspects. Accidents can come with many complexities, leaving you in a difficult position as you attempt to achieve compensation. This is why it is imperative to have an attorney on your side who can help you obtain the evidence you need to prove your claim. Please contact our skilled Florida attorneys at 904-647-2296 for more information on how we can assist you after your collision.