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Facial Injuries and Their Effects Due to Car Accidents

Car accidents, even when minor, tend to lead to injuries in victims. Injuries that affect the face, head, and neck can lead to physical and financial trauma, as well as emotional suffering if the facial injuries lead to scarring. In the midst of a car accident, a victim’s face is typically unprotected, which means that they could fall victim to glass, metal, and many other pieces of debris that fly around inside a vehicle.

When a victim has received facial injuries in a car accident, they might wonder where they can turn. If another party is liable for the accident, it is safe to say that a victim has the right to bring a claim against a negligent party. From there, you may be able to receive treatment and have your bills taken care of accordingly.

Types of Facial Injuries in a Car Accident

Though some facial injuries can be as simple as abrasions and bruises, they could also lead to fractures and brain injuries as well. You will have a better outcome the sooner that you receive treatment. It is important to know what you are facing.

Soft Tissue Injuries: Many of the common soft tissue injuries you could receive in the facial area include cuts, gashes, and deep wounds requiring stitches. These injuries are most common after you have received a blow to the face when you are struck by another object. Some of the most common symptoms caused by these injuries include swelling and infections. Scarring will occur in many cases. Not only will you sustain a trip to the emergency room, but you will also likely have to endure surgery as well, depending on how severe the injury is.

Facial Injuries and Their Effects Due to Car AccidentsFacial Fractures: These injuries encompass any broken bones that you receive in the facial area. Many people who receive these injuries will endure a broken nose, cheekbone, forehead, or even jaw. Some of the symptoms that can signal a broken facial bone include swelling, pain, eyesight problems, bruising, and more. 

Contusions: Contusions are bruises that are caused by a direct blow but do not break the skin. When a person’s face slams against their dashboard or another object, they might be at risk for more than just a contusion – but also a brain injury. Many people who receive traumatic brain injuries due to a forceful accident will suffer from long-term effects and even permanent disability. This can impact everything in their life, from being able to make money to suffering extensive and continuing bills. It is important that a victim understands that there are options available for them.

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help

Facial injuries are among the most debilitating and disfiguring. We understand that a car accident in Florida can be incredibly frightening and you should never ignore your symptoms. Even if you believe that your injuries are not serious, you should always have a personal injury attorney on your side. At Sheftall & Associates, we will ensure that your rights are protected as you navigate the legal system and work toward compensation for your losses. Please contact a car accident attorney in Florida at (904) 575-9026 for the help you deserve.