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FAQ: Answering Questions You Have About Personal Injury Settlement

FAQ: Answering Questions You Have About Personal Injury Settlement

After you have been injured in a Florida car accident, you have a right to seek reimbursement for your losses from a party who has caused you harm. Though many people will seek help from their insurance company to cover their losses, others will be faced with the reality of a lawsuit against a party who has negligently caused their accident. This may take place in the form of settlement, which might be an unfamiliar concept to you.

Personal Injury Settlement After a Car Accident 

Should I choose to settle my claim? You have a legal right to bring a claim against a party who has caused you harm in an accident. If you keep matters out of court, most insurance companies will agree to a settlement offer. However, though this might save you costs and time in the long run, you want to ensure that your rights are being protected and that you are being offered a fair amount. This is why you should always have an experienced attorney on your side.

How does the insurance company play a role in this process? Insurance companies play a role in our car accidents but are after two main things: minimizing the amount that they owe you and managing risk. If they have you agree to a settlement amount, this usually means that they save money and are released from any liability. However, you want to be safe when it comes to these aspects. 

FAQ: Answering Questions You Have About Personal Injury SettlementWhat do I need to know about damages? Damages are divided into general damages and special damages, also known as non-economic damages and economic damages. General damages are also known as non-economic and apply to harm and losses like pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and loss of quality of life. Special damages, on the other hand, are easy to quantify and include aspects like medical costs, lost wages, and other monetary aspects.

Should I receive compensation for pain and suffering in my settlement? Injuries can have a huge impact on your daily life. If the injuries are serious and considered long-lasting, you are more likely to receive damages for pain and suffering as a result. 

Do I have the right to reject a settlement offer? Yes, you are free to reject a settlement offer. You have the right to respond to any offer the way you choose. If you decide that the compensation will not cover your damages, you have a right to take matters to court.

How will my lawyer be paid? In most cases, a lawyer will work under a contingency fee, which means that they get paid when you receive compensation – typically a percentage.

Moving Forward with Personal Injury Settlement 

You have a legal right to receive compensation for a wide array of losses after a car accident that is not your fault. If you decide that litigation may not be right for you, you have the option to endure the process of settlement to try and agree on a variety of matters and negotiate with the insurance company. Our car accident attorneys at Sheftall & Associates have assisted numerous clients on their path toward compensation in a personal injury claim. You should always have the experienced and compassionate help of an attorney on your side through this complex process. Contact an accident attorney in Florida at (904) 575-9026 for more information on your legal options.