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FAQ to Answer All Your Questions About Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash injuries commonly result from a variety of different types of accidents, including those involving motor vehicles. You might have heard in the past that whiplash claims are not taken as seriously as other types of injury claims, which can be true if you do not have the evidence to back up your claim. Insurance companies are known for giving low offers to those who have suffered from these types of injuries. This is why it is essential that you receive answers to some of your most important questions so that you can be prepared to face anything.

Whiplash Injuries: An FAQ 

How do whiplash injuries occur? Whiplash injuries are known for taking place when the body moves forward and back very quickly, causing a snapping motion. These types of injuries can result from a low impact or a high impact from a type of accident. Along with whiplash injuries, victims will sometimes suffer from traumatic brain injuries and neck-related injuries as well. Whiplash injuries are not always seen right off the bat, which is why receiving medical treatment right after your accident is essential. 

What types of accidents are known for causing whiplash injuries? Any type of accident that leads to a forceful snapping of the neck can lead to one of these serious injuries. One of the most common types of accidents causing whiplash injuries is a rear-end accident. However, any type of accident is capable of causing these injuries including motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, and more. 

FAQ to Answer All Your Questions About Whiplash InjuriesCan whiplash injuries be treated? Yes, whiplash injuries are treatable. The treatment for whiplash injuries can range anywhere from mild rest to prescription medicines. These injuries usually take a few weeks of recovery before an individual is feeling back to normal again. One of the most impactful aspects of these injuries is the fact that the recovery can be painful and a victim may experience a limited range of motion for a period of time. Some of the most common forms of treatment include rest, applying ice and heat, pain relievers, prescription drugs, and injections if your physician deems them necessary. 

Will I be able to recover compensation for whiplash injuries? If another party’s negligence has led to your whiplash injury, then you will be able to bring a lawsuit against them for financial recovery. Negligence occurs in car accidents when a driver fails to abide by the rules of the road or the necessary care that is owed to others who share our roadways. If you have suffered losses and you wonder where you can turn, you should always be in touch with a knowledgeable accident attorney.

How an Accident Attorney Can Help You 

After you have been injured in a Florida car accident, you may feel confused about where you can turn for the compensation you deserve. Whiplash injuries can be entirely complex and leave you with a variety of questions. Luckily, our personal injury attorneys at Sheftall & Associates are prepared to handle every aspect of your claim so that you can move forward during these challenging times. Please do not hesitate to contact an accident attorney in Florida at (904) 569-6025 for the help you deserve.