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5 Reasons Why Having a Personal Injury Attorney is Important

Five Reasons Why Having a Personal Injury Attorney is Important

As the expenses of a car accident pile up against you, you may think that adding a personal injury attorney to the mix can be incredibly expensive. It can be difficult to make that decision on your own, especially when you are feeling stressed about your accident. Along with being asked to abide by certain deadlines, you will have to work with the other party’s insurance company and obtain medical records on your own. Do you believe that an attorney could help with these challenges?

Why You Should Have a Personal Injury Attorney 

Working with Insurance Companies: Insurance companies are supposed to abide by a variety of rules but do not always follow the regulations and policies that have been put in place for them. Along with that, insurers have attorneys on their side who attempt to minimize the amount of money that they have to pay. If insurers are going to have attorneys on their side, you should always be prepared with one as well.

Statute of Limitations: The statute of limitations on personal injury claims is four years from the date that you find out about your injury. If you miss this extremely important deadline, you will not be able to successfully file a personal injury claim. An attorney has knowledge of the deadlines that you will have and can keep you from missing out on your opportunity to compensate for your damages. 

Complying with Strict Rules: You must be able to meet a variety of strict rules if you file a claim, which includes mounds of paperwork, claim investigations, and medical treatment to diagnose what accident injuries you have received. This can overwhelm you and cause you unnecessary stress. However, if you have an attorney on your side, they can guide you in the right direction and ensure that you meet the regulations and treatments that have been laid out for you.

5 Reasons Why Having a Personal Injury Attorney is ImportantExtensive Damages: Those injured in car accidents do not always realize just how extensive their damages are. If you have been injured in a car accident, you should be able to receive compensation for aspects like lost income, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. An attorney who has years of experience in these claims will understand how to help you achieve the damages you deserve so that nothing is swept under the rug. 

Complications in Proving Claim: Even when you believe that you have all of the evidence in front of you, it might not be as crystal clear as you imagined. This is why it is important to have an attorney on your side who can prove that the other party is at fault.

Speaking with a Florida Personal Injury Attorney 

The aftermath of an accident can take a huge toll on your life. Many individuals who have been injured in Florida car accidents and many other types of accidents feel confused and stressed in an entirely new world of rules and deadlines. Because of this, our personal injury attorneys at Sheftall & Associates are here to help you protect your rights as you navigate the legal system and work toward results. If you have been injured in an accident and you are not sure about where to turn, please contact an accident attorney in Florida at (904) 569-6025 for the help you deserve.