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Frequently Ignored Damages After a Florida Car Accident

What are personal injury damages? These are the types of compensation that you are entitled to after you have been severely harmed in a Florida car accident. After a car accident, many people feel rushed or they are in a hurry to receive compensation so that they can move forward after they have been severely harmed by another party’s negligence. As such, you might miss out on certain opportunities that you didn’t even know about when you started working with an attorney.

Many personal injury victims believe that they will only be able to compensate for aspects like medical bills and lost wages. However, these victims might be entirely unaware of the fact that they could be entitled to compensation for a variety of other damages and might miss out on the chance to receive these damages if they act too quickly.

Different Types of Forgotten Injury Damages 

Future Medical Treatment: Many victims might only need one visit to the hospital or a few weeks’ worth of therapy. However, some crash victims might need more than this and will have to endure ongoing rehabilitation, intensive medications, and multiple surgeries for their injuries. Some injuries are incredibly severe and need to be watched after by medical professionals because they can worsen if not. It is important that victims speak with their doctors about what they could be facing in the future, as some treatment might not be cut-and-dry. You have the right to compensate for medical treatment that you will receive in the future. 

Frequently Ignored Damages After a Florida Car AccidentLong-Term Care Costs: When a victim has sustained catastrophic and long-term permanent injuries, they might need ongoing care at a nursing facility or in their home. Many victims with permanent injuries need help obtaining groceries, cleaning their homes, and other types of personal care that they cannot do on their own. A trained professional will be able to take a look at your injuries and determine what types of long-term care you should expect for the future so that you do not miss out. 

Lost Earning Capacity: Many individuals who have been injured in a car accident will be able to return to work, while others will not. You might not be working in the same line of work, which means that you could miss out on income opportunities in the future. You have a right to compensation that you lost out on due to your injuries. 

Punitive Damages: Punitive damages are those that are granted to injured victims who have been harmed due to malicious or outright reckless acts. These types of damages not only help a victim but can also deter drivers from engaging in reckless acts in the future.

How an Attorney Can Help After Your Car Accident 

Our car accident attorneys at Sheftall & Associates have diligently assisted numerous clients after they have been harmed in life-altering and injurious accidents. Getting back on your feet can be difficult when the bills are piling up against you. This is why victims should understand all of their options as they work toward compensation in a personal injury claim. If you have been injured and you are unsure of where to turn, please contact a Florida attorney for more information at (904) 575-9026.