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How Does a No-Contact Motorcycle Accident Happen?

How Does a No-Contact Motorcycle Accident Happen?

There were 8,995 motorcycle crashes in the state of Florida in 2019 according to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. There were 550 of these motorcycle crashes that were deadly, while 2,072 resulted in incapacitating injuries. Other injuries were seen in 5,647 Florida motorcycle accidents. What these numbers show is that only a little over 700 motorcycle accidents did not have some type of major bodily harm reported. 

One can deduce from this data that driving a motorcycle is extremely dangerous and when a crash happens, it is likely to have devastating consequences. These trends seen in Florida are not just unique to the state. Across the country, motorcycle riders are at increased risk for serious bodily harm and death should they crash.

Motorcyclists that are injured by a negligent party while operating their bike should connect with a legal professional who understands personal injury laws in Florida. At the Law Offices of Sheftall & Associates, the Jacksonville personal injury attorneys can assist victims of motorcycle accidents with their personal injury claims.

What are No-Contact Motorcycle Accidents?

How Does a No-Contact Motorcycle Accident Happen?Motorcycle accidents can take place between a motorcycle and another vehicle or multiple vehicles. Mechanical defects and inclement weather can all lead to a motorcycle accident. There are also times where a motorcyclist is forced into a situation where they crash. 

In situations where a motorcycle crashes without coming into contact with another vehicle, there is a potential that the incident may not be the motorcyclist’s fault. There are times where the behavior of another driver is what was behind a motorcycle crash.

If another driver was being reckless or engaging in any other unsafe behavior that caused a motorcyclist to crash, that driver may still be held liable even if the driver did not come into contact with the motorcyclist. Depending on the details of a single-motorcycle crash, the motorcyclist may be able to file an injury suit for compensation.

To build a successful case, there must be sufficient evidence that the other driver was the reason for the motorcyclist to crash and sustain injuries. It is a bit tougher to prove liability in these unique situations, but it is achievable. 

Motorcyclists involved in single-vehicle accidents should not immediately believe that they have no way to obtain compensation because there were not hit by another driver. After a Jacksonville motorcycle accident, it is worthwhile to take your case to a Jacksonville motorcycle accident attorney for review. Your accident experience may be one that is best served by filing a personal injury suit. The Jacksonville car accident attorneys at Sheftall Law will evaluate your accident experience and conduct a thorough investigation of your accident should negligence by another party exist.

What Actions Can Another Driver Take that Would Cause a No-Contact Motorcycle Accident?  

Drivers may be surprised to know the many different ways their behavior can cause a crash outside of actually hitting another vehicle. Because of their smaller profile and stature motorcycles are much less visible than other passenger cars and trucks. This makes them more vulnerable to many types of catastrophic accidents.

The following are examples of driver negligence that can be the reason for a no-contact motorcycle crash:

  • A car making a lane change or other merging action that is far too close to a motorcyclist.
  • A car slamming on their brakes unexpectedly.
  • Not yielding the right of way.
  • Speeding.
  • Following too close to the motorcycle, or tailgating.
  • Lane changes without using car signals.
  • Drivers that do not properly check their blind spots.
  • Engaging in acts of road rage.
  • Making a left-hand turn without a signal requires crossing traffic.
  • Running traffic lights.

Any of these actions can cause a motorcyclist to quickly respond by steering away from the vehicle and this can lead them to lose control of their bike. These actions can also cause the bike to have to quickly turn to avoid a reckless driver and then be unable to prevent a crash into an inanimate object like a road barrier. Additionally, these actions can lead to a motorcyclist steering into oncoming traffic.

A motorcyclist who was put in danger because of another driver’s negligence may be able to file a personal injury claim. It is imperative though, that the motorcyclist proves how the incident happened. These individuals must show that the incident took place because of the other driver’s negligence. This may be difficult to do alone, but a Jacksonville auto accident attorney at Sheftall Law can support victims throughout the entire civil process. The lawyers at Sheftall Law understand Florida injury law and know how to gather the right information to build a claim.

Steps Motorcyclists Can Take to Avoid No-Contact Accidents

The aftermath of any motorcycle accident, including no-contact motorcycle accidents, has the potential to be devastating. These incidents are also often deadly. This is why working with an attorney can be so beneficial. Especially if severe injuries resulted from the crash.

Motorcyclists should always exercise caution on the road and follow the rules of the road. Avoiding speeding, or weaving in and out of traffic is essential. Keeping plenty of space between a motorcycle and a car provides more room to make a quick adjustment to a changing situation should one be necessary. Always ride as if other cars that are near are unaware that you are present and visible. Pay attention to regular maintenance of your motorcycle so that it stays in good working condition and will function properly for you while you ride.

While all motorcycle accidents are not completely preventable, taking proactive action and driving defensively may help riders reduce their risk for a crash. Licensed motorcycle operators that are 21 years of age and older in the state of Florida do not have to wear a helmet if they choose not to. However, a helmet greatly minimizes the chance of brain trauma and death in a motorcycle accident.

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