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Concussions and Post-Concussion Syndrome After a Car Accident

How Does an Attorney Determine What a Broken Bone is Worth?

Bone fractures are some of the most common types of injuries that occur as a result of car accidents. Many of these injuries take place due to a high-force impact. Any type of crack in the bone, to the most major break, is considered a fracture and can occur in any bone of the body. You might believe that these are minor injuries compared to other types of injuries that victims sustain in accidents but this is far from the truth. A fracture can signal a long road to recovery that you might not be prepared for.

Most individuals will assume that they can recover from a fracture quickly and that it will not impact them financially. However, victims might soon find that they will have to miss time at work and that the medical bills might pile up after one of these injuries is sustained. Because of this, many individuals will need help paying for their injuries with the help of an attorney who has resources available to assist them.

Factors That Determine Compensation After a Bone Fracture

There are several factors that will impact how much you receive for a broken bone following a car accident, starting with the type of injury you have sustained. For instance, insurance companies will assign various values depending on the type of fracture you have sustained. For instance, a broken hand might heal faster than a broken collarbone and might have less of an impact on your daily life depending on your recovery. The symptoms that you experience are important, too. Are you experiencing a lot of pain from your injuries and can prove this through medication that has been prescribed to you? This will help you recover more as well.

How Does an Attorney Determine What a Broken Bone is Worth?Many people who receive a broken bone do not just have to worry about the medical bills stemming from hospitalization. On top of this, they might have ongoing rehabilitation costs, surgery costs, and even miss time at work, which can lead to thousands of dollars lost due to your injury. As such, you will not just ask for compensation to cover medical bills, but also lost wages and pain and suffering in some cases.

Hiring Experts for Your Fracture Claim 

To help show that your injury is severe and signals a long road to recovery, you should have a medical expert on your side who can show the impact that your injury has had on your life and will in the future. They will testify to the judge or jury that your broken bone is more than just a hassle in the first few weeks. They might also talk about risk factors in your accident claim that led to your injuries and how severe the injury is. It can enhance the amount that you receive to have an expert on your side throughout this process.

Seeking the Help of a Florida Car Accident Attorney

After you have been injured in a Florida car accident, it is important to act quickly so that no evidence is lost and that you obtain maximum compensation in your accident claim. Our personal injury attorneys at Sheftall & Associates understand how overwhelming it can be to become faced with bills that continue to pile up as you are unable to return to work. Luckily, help is on your side every step of the way. Please contact an accident attorney in Florida immediately at (904) 575-9026.