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How Drivers Can Avoid Causing Bicycle Accidents

Every year, over 800 bicyclists are killed in serious collisions involving motor vehicles and hundreds of thousands are hospitalized due to these serious accidents. When it comes to accidents involving both of these vehicles, the injuries are more likely to be catastrophic in nature due to the fact that bicyclists have few protections from harm. When drivers understand how to prevent these accidents, these numbers will likely decrease and more bicyclists will be kept safe from harm.

Serious Injuries Resulting from Bicycle Accidents

Some injuries involving bicyclists and passenger vehicles are more common than others, but all of them can lead to a lasting impact that can affect a victim for the rest of their life. Most of the injuries that stem from these collisions occur to the upper and lower extremities. A victim might also sustain injuries to the head, face, and abdomen.

For instance, when a bicyclist is thrown from the bike after being struck, they are most likely to obtain road rash after hitting the ground with force and even broken bones. If a victim was not wearing a helmet or was struck with such force, they might also obtain a brain injury. Any of these injuries can leave a lasting impact on a victim’s life. They could sustain a wide array of medical bills and even miss time at work, which can put them in an adverse financial situation. The best way to prevent the aftermath of an accident is by not having one at all and more drivers paying attention to our roads.

Steps Drivers Should Take to Avoid Bicycle Accidents

Riders of bicycles are supposed to take certain actions and abide by the rules of the road so that accidents can be avoided. However, drivers are also responsible for a wide array of these accidents each year and must keep some steps in mind for safety around bicyclists. These include the following:

  • Always remember to yield to bicyclists and remember that they might be traveling more slowly or quickly than you initially suspected. If you are at a driveway or intersection, always watch out for a bicyclist and never turn in front of them.
  • When you are in a parking lot or you are already parking, make sure that you always check your surroundings for anywhere that a bicyclist could be hidden from your view.
  • If you are making a turn on red, you should look to the right so that you can make sure that a bicyclist is not approaching and you accidentally strike them.
  • Always pay close attention to the speed limit and also to road conditions so that you can avoid a crash with a cyclist.
  • Always give the cyclist plenty of space. Do not pass them driving too closely because you could run into them. Only do so when it is safe.

Help from an Attorney After a Bicycle Accident

The aftermath of a bicycle accident can be extremely daunting and catastrophic. Bicycle accidents can leave victims with a wide array of injuries, which is why you should always speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Our attorneys at Sheftall & Associates have worked diligently to ensure that the victim’s rights are protected after an accident that was not their fault. Please contact our accident attorneys today to get started on your claim at 904-647-2296.