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How Long it Takes to Settle a Car Accident Claim

How long does it actually take to settle a car accident claim? Of course, no individual’s claim is cut and dry and there are many factors that will dictate how long it will take to help you arrive at a settlement. Several of these factors include aspects like the severity of your injury, whether or not the insurance company cooperates, and if the trail goes to trial or not. By speaking with a car accident attorney, you can determine how long your specific claim might take based on the circumstances.

Factors That Impact the Length of Your Claim 

Type of Injury: One of the largest factors that impact your car accident claim is the type of injury that you suffered from and how long before you will heal from that injury. The more serious the injury, the longer you should expect your claim to take. Lawyers typically tell their clients that they will have to wait until they reach something that is known as ‘maximum medical improvement,’ which is the point in which a person’s condition is stabilized after an accident. When a person hits this type of improvement, it is perceived that their condition will not change or progress in any way, even if it is permanent in nature.

When your injuries have stabilized, your attorney will take a closer look at your claim and will be able to get a better idea of the medical expenses you should expect as well. Maximum medical improvement is important because it can determine your medical expenses based on what you have obtained in the past and present without the worry of what you might owe for treatment in the future. 

Cooperation of Insurance Company: Insurance companies sometimes take their time when it comes to your claim, which can have a huge impact on how quickly your claim is settled. This is because insurance companies typically launch a thorough investigation so that they can communicate with all of the parties involved and get the full story. Some insurance companies may take several short months while others might resolve your claim even faster.

On top of that, if you find that your claim is denied, you may have to deal with appeals. This means that it will add time to your claim and how soon it can be settled. 

Trial: If your case proceeds, it might go to trial, especially if there is no resolution during the settlement process. When settlement is not reached you may feel as if you will not be able to make the bills on your own, which means that trial is your only chance of obtaining the reimbursement you deserve.

When a case goes to trial, it will go through a process known as ‘discovery.’ This is a pre-trial investigation that involves lawyers obtaining information about a claim so that they can tackle it from many angles. Until this process is completed, another settlement will not be offered and you may believe that your case is in limbo. It can take several months for a discovery conclusion.

How an Attorney Can Help After Your Accident 

Being harmed in a Florida car accident can be a challenging aspect to face. You may have a variety of questions about your claim as you navigate the legal system, which is why you should always have an attorney on your side who is knowledgeable in the many laws within the state. Our attorneys at Sheftall & Associates have worked diligently to ensure that victim’s rights are protected in their time of need. Please contact our law firm in Florida to find out what options are available for you at 904-647-2296.