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How Social Media Ruins Car Accident Cases

Being injured in a car accident is tough to face on your own. This is why many people choose to move forward with what is known as a personal injury claim, which can help them get compensated for things like lost wages, medical bills, and more. Personal injury attorneys are useful in guiding injured parties after they have been hurt and showing them ways that they can protect their claim.

However, there are also many ways that an individual can hurt their own personal injury claim, from apologizing for an accident to failing to gather proper evidence following the collision. Many people do not know that there are also dangers associated with sharing too much information on social media after your car accident. In fact, social media has been known to completely destroy personal injury claims and make it impossible for somebody to recover compensation. This is why it is a good idea to be prepared for anything and stay off of social media after a collision.

The Impact on Social Media on Your Injury Claim 

Accidental Admissions of Fault: Many people do not realize the impact of the things that they say following a stressful collision. These people might apologize for an accident that they know that they did not cause, even though this can completely dismantle a claim from the ground up. Social media might seem like the right place to rant to loved ones so that you can relieve some stress but, in all reality, it also works as a way to preserve what you have said for the defense to use in the future. You might make small comments like “I never even saw them coming” or “I was unable to stop in time,” not knowing that these statements are the exact type that the defense uses against you in court.

Destruction of Confidentiality: When you talk one-on-one with your attorney after an accident, your information is kept private and confidential. However, when you choose to post on social media, everything becomes scrutiny to the public eye. You might accidentally give out information that you never intended to such as the circumstances of the case, your physical health, medical conditions, mental health, and overall emotional state. By keeping this information off of social media, there will never be any question of how injured you actually are.

The Defense Uses Activities Against You: The defense can actually use information that you post about your everyday activities against you to try and claim that your injuries are not as severe as you said they were. For instance, perhaps you have claimed that you were badly injured and unable to return to work after an accident. However, the defense starts to spy on you and finds out that you went on vacation and enjoyed time on the beach. Now they’re trying to say that your injuries are not severe enough. You want to ensure that you don’t post anything in the months leading up to your claim and keep a private life.

Speaking with a Skilled Attorney After an Accident 

Many people are unaware of how quickly they can harm their claim after an accident. After an accident, you should stay off of social completely so that you can get back on track and work toward compensation for a variety of aspects. Our car accident attorneys in Florida at Sheftall & Associates are highly knowledgeable in the ins and outs of injury claims and will stand by your side during this challenging time. Please contact our experienced accident attorneys today at 904-647-2296 for the help you deserve.