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Staying Safe While On A Cruise

How to Avoid Florida Cruise Ship Accidents

Going on a cruise is one of the safest methods of traveling and a great way to spend a vacation. When COVID-19 hit, the entire world came to a complete halt, including cruises. Several thousands of people had to be stuck on cruise ships for an extra amount of time to help stop the spread of the deadly virus. However, major cruise lines such as Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruise Line have announced that they will be resuming cruises starting in late April and early May. 

Cruise ships may be safer for travel, but cruise ship accidents still do happen. Remember that you’re sharing your vacation with thousands of other people, including crew members and other guests. Several different types of incidents can occur while on your dream vacation, and cruise ships don’t have proper medical facilities and conditions can get worse. This week, we will go over the dangers of being on a cruise along with possible injuries from these dangers and some tips to help you and your family stay as safe as possible while on a cruise vacation.

What Kinds Of Accidents Happen On Cruises And What Injuries Could Occur?

Staying Safe While On A CruiseLike on land, lots of accidents can occur on or off a cruise ship. While there are no motor vehicles allowed on the ship, accidents can still happen at any minute without warning, and the results may be devastating. Some of the things that could go wrong on a cruise ship include but are not limited to:

  • Slip And Fall Accidents- This is the most common way a cruise ship passenger can get injured. Hazards such as slippery wet floors and luggage hanging out in the hallways can create all kinds of problems and cause passengers to fall and sustain serious injuries such as broken bones or a traumatic brain injury.
  • Fires- A fire on a cruise ship can greatly increase the risk of injuries to passengers on board. Passengers can sustain serious burns, disfigurement, and scars from these dangerous situations.
  • Recreational Activities- If you’ve seen a cruise line commercial on T.V, you know that most crew lines offer recreational activities such as rock climbing, a swimming pool, sky rides, and much more. Any accident involving any of these activities can result in catastrophic injuries.
  • Drowning- There have been drowning accidents in swimming pools or even off of different cruise ships in a “man overboard” situation in which a passenger or crew member has fallen off the ship. Drowning or near-drowning can result in brain injuries or even death.
  • Assault- Real-life pirates have boarded and robbed cruise ships, causing serious injuries to the passengers and crew members. However, pirates aren’t the only human dangers. Crew members and other passengers will oftentimes assault innocent people.

Being on a cruise can be a great vacation for you and your family, but can also be severely dangerous. The above-listed incidents and many more can occur due to different causes such as negligence or improper maintenance. It is always urged of cruise passengers to keep their guard up and navigate the ship as safely as possible. Sometimes the best offense is a good defense.

Safety Tips For Cruise Passengers

You’ve just read about some of the injuries that can occur while on a cruise and what causes them, so how can you avoid these situations? To ensure that you and your family get the most out of your vacation cruise while being safe, there are some things that you should know about cruise ship accidents. Some safety tips to follow include:

  • Bring A Friend- If you’re going on a cruise by yourself, make a friend or two early on. You become less of a target for thieves when walking around the ship in pairs or groups. If traveling with your family, always make sure that children are accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Drink Responsibly- Being aware of your alcohol limits before becoming too intoxicated while on a cruise ship is one of the best safety tips for adults. We advise against accepting drinks from strangers or allowing strangers to walk you back to your cabin. 
  • Wear Proper Footwear- It’s common sense, but wearing proper footwear while on the deck of the ship is important. The deck itself can get slippery from waves crashing or other people walking around still wet from the pool.
  • Use Proper Safety Equipment- While doing recreational activities on the ship, wearing the provided safety equipment will ensure that you stay safe and enjoy the activity. If swimming in the pool, make sure young children are under constant adult supervision.
  • Pay Attention To The Muster Drill- Whether it’s your first time on a cruise or the tenth time, it’s important to pay attention to the muster drill. The drill is meant to educate passengers on the location of muster stations, how to properly wear a life jacket, and what certain alarms mean if they sound. Paying attention could be the difference between life or death to you, your family, and other passengers around you.

Working With A Cruise Ship Accident Attorney In Florida

Even though cruises are the safest way to travel for a vacation, accidents can still happen. Everyone deserves to have the best time on their vacation. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured as a result of an accident on a cruise ship, don’t be afraid to contact Sheftall Law right away. Our dedicated team of cruise ship accident attorneys understands how stressful it is to be injured while on a cruise vacation. With decades of combined experience, we have the legal knowledge necessary to take care of your needs and rights in these tough times and we will stand by your side until you receive the compensation you deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured in a cruise ship accident in Florida, please contact a Florida cruise ship accident attorney at Sheftall Law at (904) 569-6025 today to explore the legal options that are available to you.