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How You Can Negotiate with the Insurance Company

The negotiation process after a car accident can be one of the most daunting and complex times you will ever experience. From the first call that you have with an insurance adjuster to speaking with an attorney, you might feel confused about the next steps in the process. For some, the negotiation process comes easily and the insurer will agree to an easy settlement. In other cases, however, they might disagree and you will have to present various types of evidence. By understanding the best ways to negotiate a proper settlement, you can arrive at an amount that works for you.

Best Negotiation Tips When Working with the Insurance Company 

Keeping Settlement Amount in Mind: You should have an idea of how much you have already spent out-of-pocket and how much you expect from your claim so that you can negotiate to the best of your ability. This means deciding on a minimum settlement figure that you will accept so that you can keep in mind that you do not want to go any lower. When the insurance company is pressuring you, you want to know your bottom line. However, if any other figures come to mind, you can alter your bottom line along the way. Mistakes can sometimes be made and you might account for too many aspects, only to find out that you are asking for an unreasonable amount from your end. 

Waiting for the Right Offer: The insurance company will likely start out at a very low offer after you have asked for them to settle. It might be so low that you cannot possibly accept it, and you shouldn’t if you think it’s out of range. You should speak with your attorney and make a counteroffer that you think is reasonable and negotiate from there. 

Justify a Low Offer: If your insurance adjuster makes an offer that is unreasonably low, you want to know why. You should ask them to give you specific reasons why the offer is so low and make notes on what they tell you. One reason why this is necessary is so that you can avoid what is known as insurance bad faith, where the insurance company is acting unreasonable and even in an illegal nature as they break their promises to you. 

Remember Emotional Points: Once you have stated the facts of the case, you should start brushing up on the emotional points of your claim. If you have suffered from extensive medical bills or a painful injury, it is important to focus on the emotional points of your case. If you have been in a vast amount of pain after the accident, mention this and show evidence of such. Perhaps you have not been able to enjoy the same activities you used to, and you should always talk about these matters to get the best settlement possible. 

Get Settlement in Writing: When you reach an agreement that is best for you, make sure that you confirm this in writing. You can refer back to this in time.

Speaking with an Attorney About Your Accident Claim

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