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How Your Damages Will Be Calculated by the Jury

If your personal injury claim makes it to court, you may wonder how your damages will be calculated by the jury involved in making these determinations. Of course, one of the biggest determining factors that will help juries is the evidence that is presented in the trial and the laws that apply to the case. It is important that you know how much compensation you will receive for your losses after an accident, which is why it is crucial that you understand how these calculations will be made.

Looking at Evidence in Your Injury Claim 

Jurors are expected to pay attention to what is said during the trial so that they can determine if the evidence is enough to help you achieve damages. Jurors will sit in the jury room after a trial so that they can deliberate and take a look at the notes that they gathered relating to the case. After they have a good idea of what happened at the time of your accident, they will make a decision based on what they have heard. This could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

An Understanding of Jury Instructions 

How Your Damages Will Be Calculated by the JuryThe judge will give jury instructions during the trial, which cover jury deliberations and explain how the deliberation should take place, how witnesses should be analyzed, and an explanation of the laws in detail. For instance, if the car accident took place at an intersection and a driver did not stop for a stop sign, the judge will speak with the jury about the laws at intersections and how all drivers with a stop sign must legally come to a stop so that they have all information relating to the negligence of the case.

Judges will instruct jurors that they have to make a decision based on the laws associated with the case. Many jurors might start to feel swayed by emotions but must keep emotions out of their deliberations when they are listening to the facts of the personal injury case.

Deciding on Pain and Suffering Damages

In some cases, how much compensation a victim should receive for aspects like medical bills and lost wages can be easy to determine because there is evidence of how much a person is owed based on their past damages. However, aspects like pain and suffering are not always as easy to determine because there is no set number for these damages. Jurors must then use their own sense and background to come to a determination for what would be considered fair and reasonable.

How a Florida Accident Attorney Can Help

At Sheftall & Associates, our car accident attorneys understand how devastating a collision can be when another person’s negligence has caused it. For years, our personal injury attorneys in Florida have protected the rights of victims involved in these accidents and will stop at nothing to ensure that your rights are being protected. We understand how difficult these cases can be and offer our support to you every step of the way. Please contact an accident attorney in Florida at (904) 575-9026 for more information on your legal options.