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Important Questions and Answers Relating to the Mediation Process in Florida

If you have been injured in a Florida car accident, you have already likely taken a look at your options for settlement. Maybe the thought of court scares you and leaves you feeling helpless. Perhaps you have heard about the many methods of alternative dispute resolution, which is any method of solving disputes without going through litigation. One of your options is mediation, which can be an incredibly helpful method of reaching the settlement you deserve.

Mediation is something that is not familiar to everyone. If it fits your needs, you may find that this is a streamlined process that promises the results you are hoping for. Today we will take a look at some of the most popular questions relating to mediation so that you can make a decision that is best for your claim.

Mediation Process FAQ 

What is mediation? Mediation is one of the most popular types of alternative dispute resolution. The mediation process takes place between all of the parties involved in the dispute, their lawyers, and a mediator. The mediator will work with the parties so that they can attempt to reach a resolution in the claim before things are taken to court. One of the most encouraging aspects of mediation is the fact that the process remains confidential, which means anything that is said cannot be used against a party later on down the road. 

How long does the mediation process take? Car accident claims and any other type of personal injury claim will typically be resolved in a day of mediation but some cases can last longer. This depends on the circumstances of your case and what needs to be discussed.

Important Questions and Answers Relating to the Mediation ProcessHow does mediation differ from arbitration? A mediator will not be able to render a decision for you, giving you the opportunity to reach out with your settlement ideas to the other party. The mediator will help you, however. Arbitrators differ in the way that they are able to take on the duty of a judge and render a legally binding decision. Arbitration is a lot more like court, whereas mediation is not. 

How will the mediator in charge of our case be chosen? The attorneys involved in your case will usually get together to select a mediator that makes them feel comfortable about the best outcome. A mediator who is familiar with this type of subject matter and who has knowledge of cases in the past will work with you.

What should I expect to happen at mediation? Mediation varies from party to party. However, mediation sessions start when all parties come together and speak with the mediator in a conference room. Both sides will be able to present their points of view and talk about what they experienced as a result of the accident. The mediator will then help them come to a conclusion as they discuss important issues.

How a Florida Accident Attorney Can Help 

If you have been injured in a Florida car accident or any other type of accident within the state, you have options as you work toward results. At Sheftall & Associates, our skilled personal injury attorneys are dedicated to handling every aspect of your claim and helping you achieve justice and reimbursement for your losses. If you believe that another party is to blame for your accident and you are unsure about where to turn, please contact a Florida accident attorney who can help you at (904) 569-7096.