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Injuries Suffered by Children After Car Accidents

No parent ever wants to see their child experience injuries due to a car accident. Because children are so small and vulnerable compared to adults, they are more likely to suffer severe harm in a car accident. Smaller victims might sustain more frequent and expensive damages than adults, which is why an attorney should always be prepared to help a child obtain adequate compensation in their time of need.

Common Injuries Children Sustain in Car Accidents

After a child has been injured in a car accident, the most important first step is to speak with a car accident attorney immediately. It is important for a child to receive proper care so that their health and well-being are protected, but also so that their parent can help build a solid injury case against the party who has caused them harm.

Here are some of the most common types of injuries that children experience in car accidents every year:

Head Injuries: Head injuries like traumatic brain injuries are known for being one of the most common types of injuries that a child sustains in an accident. These injuries commonly occur due to bumps, blows, and jolts to the head. Children are some of the most susceptible parties who sustain these tragic injuries in an accident. The most severe injuries to the head can result in permanent issues for a child that will impact their development well into the future.   

Glass Injuries: When a window or windshield breaks after an accident, a child could be struck by the glass. This could result in scarring and facial trauma, which can be painful and have an impact on the rest of their lives.

Chest Injuries: When a child is properly buckled into their seat, it could save their life. However, it could also cause injuries. Many children suffer serious thoracic injuries like rib fractures, lung injuries, and internal bleeding. 

Fractures: Children are vulnerable to serious fractures in the event of an accident, as their bones are particularly fragile. Some of the most common fractures include the wrist, hand, and foot fractures but some are more severe, such as the pelvis. 

Permanent Disability: Some injuries are incredibly permanent, such as those that incapacitate children. These include nerve damage and spinal cord injuries. They are most likely to happen in the event of rollover accidents but can happen at any time. 

Psychological Trauma: Even if a child has not been injured physically in an accident, they are at a high risk of psychological trauma. Children are susceptible to needing therapy for these psychological problems that sometimes develop after a serious collision.

Receiving Help from an Attorney After Your Child Has Been Injured

It can sometimes be quite difficult to obtain compensation for your child after they have been involved in an accident. The costs sometimes quickly pile up after a child has been injured but you have a right to pursue compensation. If you can show that your child has been injured due to the negligence of another party, you have rights and protections. You should speak with a car accident attorney at Sheftall & Associates immediately so that you can protect your rights. Please contact our law firm at 904-647-2296 to find out how we can assist you.