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Insurance Company FAQ: Understanding the Basics After an Accident

After you have been involved in a car accident, you might speak with an attorney who will help you through some of the most complex parts of your claim. One of the aspects that cause individuals the most trouble after an accident is dealing with the insurance company. Because you may not be familiar with Florida laws and how insurance works, you may be in unfamiliar territory and wonder where you can turn after an accident has left you with injuries. It is important that you have some of your questions answered as you move forward.

FAQ Regarding How to Deal with Insurance 

What do I do when the other party’s insurance company calls me after the accident? After you have been involved in a car accident, the at-fault party’s insurance company adjuster may call you directly, especially when you are least prepared for it. Usually, the company will try to call as soon as possible after an accident before you make a claim for compensation. You want to remain calm and polite and give limited information about yourself to the company. You also want to avoid accepting any type of settlement offer and refrain from telling them too much information about the accident, especially details that could cause them to believe that you were at fault.

How do I make a claim for compensation after I have been injured? You want to start by working with your attorney to gather all of the evidence that can be used in your claim. From there, you will send the insurance company a demand letter that will be crucial for your negotiations and will show some of the strongest arguments that you have in your case. You will talk about why you feel that the other party is to blame, what type of medical treatment you have received, the costs of treatment and lost wages, and why you are making a claim against the other party.

Insurance Company FAQ: Understanding the Basics After an AccidentHow will the insurance company decide how much to pay you? You may wonder what considerations insurance makes when it comes to how much they should pay you for your injuries. They will calculate things like medical care, lost wages, the physical discomfort caused by the injuries, and more. You will need to gather evidence, such as medical records, to prove what you have lost as a result of the accident.

What should I expect when I enter the claims process? The insurance claims process is not as complex as it may sound right off the bat. You will notify the parties that you believe to be responsible for your accident and then file your claim. After your case has been investigated, you will establish how much you believe your claim is worth and write a formal demand letter requesting this compensation. From there, you and the insurance company will enter into negotiations to agree on a settlement that works for you.

Speaking with a Florida Car Accident Attorney 

Dealing with the insurance company after an accident might be one of the most difficult things that you will face, but anything is possible with the right legal advocate on your side. Our personal injury attorneys at Sheftall & Associates have helped numerous Florida car accident victims move forward after an accident that is not their fault. Insurance companies can sometimes be stubborn or leave you feeling confused as you attempt to handle your claim, which is why you should always have legal help on your side. Please contact an accident attorney in Florida to get started on your claim immediately at (904) 569-6025.