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Keeping Personal Injury Matters Out of Court: Is it a Good Idea?

Keeping Personal Injury Matters Out of Court: Is it a Good Idea?

Many people go to court over personal injury matters every year. After you have been injured in an auto accident caused by another party, your main priority might be obtaining compensation for a wide array of aspects like lost wages, medical bills, and many other aspects. Despite what you might have heard, many personal injury cases never see the inside of a courtroom. In fact, many of them are settled outside of court.

The truth is, a trial is stressful. Many individuals and entities already know this, which is why they will usually pay what they are being asked to pay so that they can avoid trial. In other cases, they might try to get as close as possible to what a victim is asking for so that they don’t have to take these matters to court, which can be especially expensive if you do not win your claim.

There are many advantages to settling your matters outside of court. Today we will look at just a few.

Advantages of Settling Outside of the Courtroom 

Privacy: Going to court over a personal injury matter means that your claim will appear in the public eye. If you don’t want your case and its circumstances to be made public, you should consider settling out of court. If you have obtained embarrassing injuries or you prefer not to talk about them in front of strangers, you probably want to consider going through settlement. 

Reduction of Stress: It can be emotionally stressful to go to court over a personal injury claim. If you decide to settle matters out of court, this will not require you to involve yourself in the claim as much, which can reduce the stress that you feel.

Guaranteed Compensation: If you decide to go to trial, the judge or jury might decide that you are not owed compensation because of your role in the accident. However, if you decide to choose settlement, you are guaranteed to obtain compensation because the other party will have to agree to an amount that they owe you. There are many risks with choosing litigation instead. 

Keeping Personal Injury Matters Out of Court: Is it a Good Idea? Faster: Negotiating a settlement does not usually take as long as the trial process. In fact, many trials have been known to endure for months or even years. This can put your life on pause and cause you to miss out on many opportunities for compensation as the medical bills add up and you miss out on time at work. 

Low Attorney Fees: When a case has to go to trial, attorneys typically charge more. If you are able to settle out of court, you might still need the help of an attorney, but you will pay an attorney considerably less.

Many individuals choose mediation or arbitration as a way to help them get the results they were hoping for without worrying about a trial. No matter what process you decide, you will obtain the compensation you deserve when you turn to an attorney who is able to assist you.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help 

At Sheftall & Associates, our experienced personal injury attorneys in Florida are dedicated to helping those in need who have been harmed in an accident that is not their fault. We understand how challenging and complex injury cases can be. We are dedicated to helping you every step of the way. Please contact our Florida accident attorneys at (904) 575-9026 for the help you deserve in your time of need.