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Liability for Tractor-Trailer Accidents in Florida

Liability for Tractor-Trailer Accidents in Florida

Truck accidents are more common in Florida than many other states, with thousands of serious injuries being reported every year due to these collisions. Because trucks are so large compared to other vehicles, these accidents commonly end in catastrophic injuries to those involved. In 2018, there was a 1% increase in fatal truck accidents from the year before. If you have been injured in a truck accident, your first question might be: Who do I hold liable?

Establishing Liability in Truck Accident Cases 

Because truck accidents are so different than many other accidents on our roads, this means that there are different parties who could be held liable for your accident. On top of the different parties who could be liable for your accident, there are also many regulations that may apply to your case. The following parties could be held liable for your accident:

Truck Driver: The first person who may come to mind following a truck accident in Florida, and the most obvious, is the driver of the truck. If a driver was acting negligently at the time of the accident, they could be held liable for the harm that you have sustained. Some of the acts that constitute negligence include distracted driving, driving while intoxicated, or even speeding. When a driver is not abiding by the rules of the road or obeying their regulations and laws, this means that they could be liable for your accident.

Liability for Tractor-Trailer Accidents in FloridaTruck Company: The trucking company might also be found liable for an accident, especially if the driver was working in the line of employment at the time of the accident. If you are able to show that the company was negligent in hiring and training its driver, they could be held liable for their driver’s actions. 

Truck Manufacturer: The manufacturer of the truck could be held liable for an accident if they designed or manufactured the truck in a negligent way. 

Manufacturer of Parts: On top of that, the manufacturer of the unique parts and components of the truck could be liable as well. Defective parts lead to many accidents each year in Florida. 

Cargo Loaders: There are unique and safe ways that cargo loaders are expected to load trucks so that the cargo is properly secured. If cargo is unstable and leads to an accident, the cargo loaders could be found responsible.

Working to Achieve Compensation After a Truck Accident 

If you wish to follow through with a truck accident claim, it is important that you abide by the statute of limitations so that you do not miss out on any filing deadlines in your accident. If you file your claim in enough time, you may find that you are eligible for a variety of damages, including the following:

  • Medical expenses of the past, present, and future
  • Lost income and lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and mental anguish
  • Disability

How an Attorney Can Help After a Truck Accident

Florida truck accidents are some of the most catastrophic and complex accidents that occur every year in Florida. At Sheftall & Associates, our personal injury attorneys are entirely dedicated to helping you move forward after one of these accidents. You have a right to reimbursement against a party that has caused you serious harm. Please contact a Florida accident attorney at (904) 575-9026 for more information on how we can assist you in your time of need.