How to Handle a Defamation Case

How to Handle a Defamation Case

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Has something been said or written about you that you think harmed your reputation? Reach out to the Law Offices of Sheftall & Associates to see what you should do. Written or published defamation is called libel; oral defamation is known as slander. We welcome the opportunity to help you get justice for either case.

Our skilled libel lawyers in Jacksonville, Florida are well-versed in these types of claims. We know how to recognize false statements and form practical strategies to expose the truth. When you hire us, we’ll examine your case from every angle and explain how we’ll work to clear your name. Count on us to pursue your interests in and out of court.

Put this incident behind you. Contact us today to learn more about defamation law in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Don’t let a defaming statement ruin your reputation. Call the Law Offices of Sheftall & Associates to defend you. Whether a third party posted a libelous statement online or someone slandered you, we’ll investigate the claim. Visit our law firm today for a free libel law consultation in Jacksonville, Florida.