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Men Are More Reckless Drivers than Women

Men Are More Reckless Drivers than Women in Florida

Florida is a state that has some of the highest rates of fatal car accidents. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicates that in 2019 Texas had the most fatal crashes followed closely by California and then Florida. Driver error is typically the cause of all accidents including fatal accidents and driver error can come in several different forms. Drinking and driving are illegal across the United States and in Florida. When alcohol is high in a driver’s system, crashes that result are often deadly. Approximately 62% of the deadly accidents that happened in the state of Florida in 2019 had drivers with more than .08 Blood Alcohol Content.

Despite the common factors and actions that are known to lead to traffic accidents, men still are the demographic that dies the most in these incidents. When compared to women, men consistently have higher rates of deaths due to traffic collisions. Residents in Florida who are injured or lose a loved one in a deadly Florida car accident may be able to file a Florida personal injury claim to recover compensation for all the damages suffered. When death is the outcome, there is also the potential to file a Florida wrongful death claim. The knowledgeable Jacksonville car accident attorneys at Sheftall Law can help you if you find yourself injured or had a loved one die in a Jacksonville car accident.

How Many Deadly Car Accidents Take Place Globally?

Around the world, there are approximately 1.3 million people who lose their life because of deadly traffic incidents. The rest of the world has serious problems with negligent drivers that lead to car accidents, and then die just like in the United States. Many countries have similar statistics to those in the U.S. that show car crashes are the leading reason behind personal injuries as well as death.

Even in pandemic conditions where there are fewer people on the road, the United States still saw an increase in the prevalence of deadly car crashes. Generally, the country experiences more than six million accidents annually. In 2019, the country lost 38,800 lives from these tragic incidents. Out of all these deadly wrecks that take place, men continue to die at a much higher rate than women. Examining the statistics and reviewing the research on this phenomenon shows there are specific reasons why this happens.

Why Do Men Die In Car Accidents More than Women?

Men Are More Reckless Drivers than WomenThe reality is that men just happen to be on the road and drive more miles than women do. Because any time you drive you are at some risk for an accident, men happen to be in this vulnerable situation more than women because of how often they drive. Reckless driving doesn’t help any driver, nonetheless, men are not only behind the wheel to a greater extent than women but when they drive they are prone to do so carelessly.

Men, by far, ignore the rules of the road and safe driving practices than women do when they are operating their automobiles. The difference between the number of men who die in car accidents is not just a little bit higher than women. According to the IIHS, from 1975-2019 men were two times more likely to be killed in a crash than women.

While the disparity between men and women happens for almost every age range, it is men that are aged 20-29 that die at the highest rate versus how many women in the same age range lose their life in deadly traffic collisions. Alcohol plays a large role in how deadly vehicular accidents happen. Again, men tend to be more willing to drink and drive than women. In 2019, of the fatal crashes that took place across the nation where a driver had an illegal BAC recorded, 3,750 were men while 1,010 were women.

Driving while intoxicated on drugs or by way of alcohol is a deadly proposition not only for you but for others. If your Jacksonville car crash was caused by an intoxicated driver, not only do you have the right to file a Florida personal injury suit against them for all of your damages, you may also be able to secure punitive damages as well. The Jacksonville catastrophic injury attorneys at Sheftall Law will be able to explain to you how much your claim is worth and if punitive damages are a possibility.

After alcohol use, the next unsafe driving behavior that men were implicated in much more than women was speeding. Like drunk driving, speeding is incredibly dangerous. Driving at excess speeds makes your ability to assess your environment much harder and it also reduces the amount of time you have to react to changes on the road or hazards that exist. When speed is a reason why your Jacksonville automobile accident took place, depending on the details and the outcome of your accident experience, you may also be able to secure punitive damages in Florida. This is why connecting with the Jacksonville wrongful death attorneys at Sheftall Law after your vehicular accident experience is so important. The attorneys at Sheftall Law will effectively advocate on your behalf and fight so that you obtain justice and the most money in your Florida personal injury settlement.

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