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Myths Present in Florida Personal Injury Claims

Being injured in a car accident due to the negligence of another party might be one of the most difficult things that you have ever faced. Many people wonder how they will be able to achieve compensation for aspects like lost wages, medical bills, and many other means of reimbursement for a wide array of losses. There are many stigmas and myths that surround personal injury claims, which is why it is important to set the record straight and become informed about the truth of injury claims.

Personal Injury Claim Myths

Personal injury claims are always a long process. Many people believe that they will become involved in a time-consuming process that will take too long and use too many resources. This is why they avoid bringing a claim. The truth is that, in many personal injury cases, the case will never even make it all the way to court. A large percentage of the claims that are brought will be handled in settlement before they even reach the courtroom. In some situations, it can take months or years to reach a settlement, but this is not always the case. 

If you have minor injuries, you should not file a claim. Others believe that they should not file a claim because they have minor injuries and minor injuries do now warrant a claim. This is far for the truth and, if another party has caused you harm, you are still eligible for many types of damages in your case. Insurance companies might try to lowball you if you have minor injuries due to an accident, which is why you need protection from a skilled attorney. 

You can file a claim whenever you want, as long as you want. This is false, as many states follow what is known as the statute of limitations. These limitations are a set time limit on how long you are able to bring a claim before you are barred from doing so altogether. 

You will always receive compensation for your damages. You are not always entitled to compensation for your losses. Your judge might disagree with what you are saying and you might receive a completely different ruling than another person in that exact scenario. Because there is no guarantee, you should be prepared for every situation. 

The courts have too many cases to worry about so you should not file. People believe that the number of lawsuits in courts is skyrocketing, which might make them feel as if they should hold out on filing. The truth is that the amount of personal injury claims that courts handle has reduced over the past few years. You should file your claim if you have been injured.

Speaking with a Personal Injury Attorney in Florida 

In just one year’s time, hundreds of thousands of people will be left with injuries due to accidents by another party. Speaking with a skilled personal injury attorney can help you achieve results in your claim so that you can move forward on emotional, physical, and financial levels. At Sheftall & Associates, our attorneys believe that you deserve experienced and dedicated help on your side every step of the way. Please contact our Florida accident attorneys at 904-647-2296 for the help you deserve at this time.