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Pelvic Injuries Stemming from a Florida Car Accident

Car accidents can either be incredibly minor in nature or tremendously serious, causing a huge and lasting impact on a victim’s life. Injuries to the pelvis occur in approximately 8% of trauma incidents, mostly from motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents. Luckily, many are minor and do not require surgery, though others are incredibly severe and could have a lasting impact on a victim’s life.

Fractures of the pelvis are not as common as other types of injuries that occur in car accidents. In fact, they account for only about 3% of all adult fracture events. Though some of these events are minor, others will cause issues to major blood vessels or organs in the body, which could lead to extensive bleeding and other injuries that require urgent care, sometimes surgeries. It is important to understand the many ways that these accidents occur.

Main Causes of Pelvic Injuries in Car Accidents 

Position and Force: When excessive force is placed on the hips or any lower part of the body in the event of a car accident, pelvic injuries could take place in the blink of an eye. A victim will be in severe pain when their pelvis is crushed. Although the force caused by a car accident is often absorbed, the driver or passengers could be at risk for these serious injuries. 

Seat Height: In many sedans, car seats tend to be placed at height level with the bumper of the vehicle and other vehicle’s bumpers. This means that the bumper will be at the same level as where you are seated unless you or the other driver are in an SUV. If the collision is so forceful that your seat is pushed into another object, your pelvis could easily be crushed in one of these horrific accidents.

Seat Belts: Seat belts are great protection for keeping you from flying forward in the event of an accident. However, this restraint could also cause damage as it could add pressure to your pelvic area and cause it to snap when an accident occurs. You will be forced into your seat belt with a strength that you might have never felt before, which could put you at risk for horrific bruising and even fractures in the worst accidents. 

Dashboards: There are certain types of debris that could be forced into the pelvis in the event of an accident. These include airbags, a compromised engine in the vehicle when the engine is pushed into the cab, or the dashboard and steering wheel.

Not all pelvic trauma is preventable. This is a known fact because we need to wear seat belts to protect us from other harm and you never know how another vehicle will strike yours. As a result, you might never suspect a pelvic injury until it happens to you.

Speaking with a Florida Car Accident Attorney

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