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Legal Malpractice

At Sheftall & Associates, PA, in Jacksonville, we are proud of being lawyers – proud of our ability to contribute constructively to the lives of members of our community. When attorneys fail to deliver professional, competent, ethical legal services, and their clients suffer from this lack of attention to standards, we take it personally. Were you shortchanged by a negligent solo practitioner or law firm in Florida? If so, we provide the personal attention and positive results you deserved all along.

Trust, Care, Commitment For Unwitting Victims Of Legal Malpractice

A lawyer can commit intentional wrongdoing in any number of ways, including:

  • Inattention to a statute of limitations
  • Violation of fiduciary duty to protect clients
  • Failure to participate in court hearings and respond to motions
  • Negligent performance and glaring errors at trial
  • Failure to thoroughly, properly investigate a claim
  • Premature collection and inappropriate use of client funds

If you feel you were victimized by lawyer misconduct anywhere in the state, and intend to sue a lawyer, we welcome the opportunity to try to make things right, in a court of law if necessary. Contact Sheftall & Associates, PA, today.