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Cruise Ship Accidents

If you are a veteran passenger of cruise ship vacations departing from Florida, the fact that serious accidents, injuries and criminal attacks can occur on these vessels will come as no surprise. These incidents include slip and falls, sexual assaults, “man overboard” situations, shore excursions accidents, drownings, “gangway” injuries, major thefts, disappearances, injuries during supervised activities, fires, medical malpractice by onboard physicians, emergency medical evacuations, and many more.

Were you injured while on a cruise? Did your accident or criminal assault occur on the cruise ship or in another country? Are you hospitalized and desperate for help of any kind? We are here to deliver exactly that – competent, compassionate legal assistance that can turn your life in a positive direction. We are Sheftall & Associates, PA, in Jacksonville. Our founding attorney Scott Sheftall established our respected personal injury law firm to help people just like you, with families just like yours. You can depend on our knowledgeable, dedicated team effort to offer personal attention and aggressiveness that increases your chances for positive results. We have built a reputation for success in admiralty and maritime litigation, and welcome the opportunity to use this expertise to your benefit.

Injured In A Cruise Ship Accident? Our Client-Focused Accident Lawyers Can Help.

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