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Injuries To Children

As dedicated personal injury attorneys  — and as human beings — there is no situation as heart-rending as an accident claim involving a seriously injured, crippled or disfigured child. If your young one, toddler or teen was hurt on unsafe public or private property, at a day care center, in a public park when attacked by a vicious animal or due to the allure of an “attractive nuisance,” you can depend on our compassionate Jacksonville lawyers for the help you need. Sheftall & Associates, PA, was established by our founder Scott Sheftall for one reason: to advocate for the powerless. His efforts on behalf of injured children throughout the state have been both professional and philanthropic. And let’s face it: clients don’t come more powerless than innocent infant victims of the negligence of those old enough to know better.

Were you strolling your child on a sidewalk or in a crosswalk when a distracted driver struck you? Has a daycare center overlooked injuries to your child, sustained in an accident or playground altercation? Did an unleashed, angry animal attack your child, leaving permanent scarring, disfigurement, and emotional trauma behind? Are your child’s injuries the result of exposure to a defective product such as an unsafe car seat or toy? Were they caused by sexual abuse or the loss of a parent in a wrongful death?  You can fight back, and Sheftall & Associates, PA, will be right there with you — at the police station to examine reports, in the conference room with counsel for insurers, and in the courtroom before judge and jury, if needed. We bring a committed, client-focused team approach that protects your rights, start to finish, and offers personal service that gives you peace. This is the formula for our success rate  with representing aggrieved individuals and families.