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Proof That Will Help You Determine Fault in a Car Accident

Proof That Will Help You Determine Fault in a Car Accident

If you have been involved in a car accident that you know was not caused by you, it will be up to you to prove that another party was at fault. Proving fault may seem like an easy enough concept. However, many individuals struggle trying to determine how they will show that another individual’s negligent acts led to an accident. It is imperative that you understand how you can prove fault so that you can protect yourself as you bring your personal injury claim.

Types of Evidence That Are Helpful in a Claim 

Proof That Will Help You Determine Fault in a Car AccidentMaking a determination of fault is one of the most important parts of your injury claim due to the fact that you have to be able to prove who is liable for your accident so that you can receive compensation. If you can determine who is at fault early-on based on the evidence available for you, you can help your attorney build a strong case from the start. Today we will focus on some of the best ways to show that another party is at fault.

State Traffic Laws: There are many traffic laws that are specific to Florida. There are many laws that state exactly who is at fault in the event of an accident. For instance, if you are involved in a rear-end accident because a driver slammed into the back of your vehicle, they will likely always be at fault. Understanding why can put you in the best position for negotiations. 

Photographs: Photographs are one of the best ways to show that another party is at fault. If you want to show that another party’s negligence led to your accident, you can further your credibility by taking pictures that show this. This means taking close-ups of damage to the vehicles, the exact location of the accident, location of traffic lights, skid marks left by vehicles, and any pictures of the weather at the time. 

Witness Testimony: Speaking to witnesses is one of the best decisions that you can make. Witness testimony is important after a car accident due to the fact that a witness can testify about what happened at the time of your accident. Make sure that you always write down and record what they have to say so that you can use it in your claim. 

Video Evidence: Many businesses and homes have surveillance cameras that may have caught your accident. It’s important to request this footage from individuals as soon as possible so that the evidence is not destroyed or lost. 

Police Reports: After you have been involved in a serious collision, you will talk to the police. You can request a Florida police report that will include what an officer saw at the scene of the accident. From there, fault will be determined.

Speaking with a Florida Car Accident Attorney 

Determining fault after a Florida car accident is not always an easy thing to do. Though many people believe that their accident will be cut and dry, this is not always the case. If you have been harmed in a car accident and believe that another party is to blame, it is important that you speak with a personal injury attorney immediately. Our Florida accident attorneys at Sheftall & Associates are here to help you protect your rights when you need it the most. Please contact an accident attorney at (904) 569-6025 for more information on your legal options.