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Questions Everyone Should Ask a Personal Injury Attorney

Questions Everyone Should Ask a Personal Injury Attorney

After you have been injured in a car accident and have received medical care for your injuries, it is important that you seek the help of a personal injury attorney. After you have made the phone call and you are prepared to go and sit down with an attorney, it is important that you come prepared. You will be able to ask your attorney a variety of questions so that you can become comfortable with them and discover what they have planned for your claim.

What You Should Ask Your Attorney

What fees will I have to pay? Many people are worried about what they will spend on an attorney when the bills are already piling up. Most attorneys work under what is known as contingency fees, which means that you will not have to pay any fees unless you recover monetary damages as a result of your personal injury claim. 

If I lose, will I be responsible for out-of-pocket costs? If you lose your case, some personal injury attorneys will say that you are liable for any out-of-pocket costs on top of their contingency fee. You want to ensure whether or not you are responsible for these fees. 

How much time can you spend on my case? Some attorneys take case after case, only to find that they can only dedicate a bit of time each week to each client. You want to ensure that your attorney has a lot of time to devote to your case so that you can ensure that you will receive the best results. 

How long will it take to resolve my case? There are many factors that will influence how long it takes to resolve your particular claim. However, your attorney should be able to successfully estimate how long it will take so that you have a good idea. 

Questions Everyone Should Ask a Personal Injury AttorneyShould I anticipate my claim going to trial? Any attorney should expect to go to trial, even though only a small percentage of cases actually make it to trial. You want to make sure that your attorney is dedicated to helping you receive as much evidence as possible to help you get the most out of your case. 

How much should I expect to receive in compensation? Every personal injury attorney will tell you that there is no way to determine exactly how much you will receive in compensation for your case. However, they should be able to give you an estimate of what they expect. If the estimates seem unrealistic, then it is best that you keep your distance from that attorney. 

Can I have any references? You can always ask an attorney if they have past references so that you can weigh your options and see if they have been successful in similar cases.

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Choosing a personal injury attorney after a Florida car accident might be one of the most important decisions that you make. It is not easy to navigate the legal system and you want to ensure that you are not doing it alone. Because of this, you want to have an attorney on your side who is familiar with the many laws in Florida and can assist you in your time of need. Please contact an accident attorney in Florida immediately at (904) 569-6025.