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St. Johns County, FL - Car Accident with Injuries on Race Track Road

Seeking Medical Attention Immediately After a Car Accident

Some people will become involved in a car accident and, even though they are injured, might delay seeking medical attention. Sometimes they might believe that the injuries will go away and won’t worsen, or claim that they do “not have time” to spend in the hospital or at their doctor’s office. It might seem easy to make an excuse following a car accident but, without medical attention, it might be even more difficult to be successful in your claim.

It is imperative that you never delay in seeking medical attention after you have been involved in a car accident in Florida. Some injuries are not as obvious as others, which might mean that you are severely injured and don’t even know it. Seeing a doctor for your injuries is critical for your health and safety. It is important to know that you have many rights with the help of an attorney on your side, and the medical attention you need and deserve.

Protecting Your Health After a Car Accident 

The most important reason why you should never delay seeking medical attention after an accident is due to the fact that your health and well-being are the most important aspects. Car accidents of any type are potentially dangerous and can leave you with a wide variety of pain and injuries, which can put your life in danger. Seeing a doctor immediately after your accident is an important way for you to protect your health and safety. Receiving medical care from a trained doctor is the best way to tell that you have received injuries that you might not be able to sense without a medical evaluation. Your doctor will then help you on the path toward recovery and help you receive the treatment you deserve.

Protecting Your Insurance Claim After a Car Accident 

The second most important thing that you want to do after a collision is to protect your insurance claim, which means receiving care from the very start. There are many different types of evidence in personal injury claims that can support you and prove that you have actually received damages. Though aspects like contact information, witness testimony, and a police crash report can be extremely helpful, so can medical records and the bills you have been left with.

If you decide to skip out on medical treatment, you might find that you are limited in the compensation that you are able to achieve following your accident. The insurer or judge involved in your case might actually say that your injuries must not be as severe as you claimed if you did not receive proper medical care as you were supposed to. A post-accident medical appointment is one of the most important pieces of evidence that you will obtain in your accident case.

The Help You Deserve from a Car Accident Attorney 

Being injured in a Florida car accident is never an easy reality to face. Because of this, you might want to speak with a car accident attorney at Sheftall & Associates to find out what aspects are most important in your claim and what you will need to move forward. Our attorneys will help you gather necessary evidence in your claim and help you negotiate the best settlement. Please contact our law firm in Florida at 904-647-2296 to find out what options are available for you.