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Settlement Negotiation Tips After a Florida Car Accident

Settlement Negotiation Tips After a Florida Car Accident

It should be easy to obtain the compensation that you are owed after a car accident, right? Many people do not realize that working with the insurance company is not always cut-and-dry, which means that negotiations will have to take place. When you make your insurance claim to receive reimbursement for medical bills, property costs, and more, you may wonder what your chances are for having all of these aspects covered. It is important that you understand some settlement negotiation tips that can be entirely helpful after a Florida car accident.

Settlement Tips with the Insurance Company 

Never Accept Low Offers: Many individuals believe that they have to accept the first offer that gets thrown their way after a car accident. It is important that you negotiate and never accept the first offer because the first one is typically too low. Many individuals rush to receive the first settlement thrown their way because they want their compensation, and they want it quickly. You have the right to negotiate so that you receive what you believe is fair to you. When working with an attorney, your attorney will negotiate on your behalf so that you only get the most reasonable offer and can move forward. 

Time Settlements Appropriately: You never want to start negotiating with the insurance company when you are not fully healed. Only when your injuries have healed or you have met maximum improvement is when you should move forward and start negotiating. There are many types of aspects that will help you obtain the best settlement, including the following:

  • Medical records outlining all of your treatment
  • Statements made by witnesses at the scene of the accident
  • Police reports
  • Estimations of your property damages
  • Photographs taken at the scene of the accident 

Settlement Negotiation Tips After a Florida Car AccidentMake High Initial Offer: As mentioned, insurance companies will usually “lowball” your offer at the beginning of negotiations. You want to make your initial claim higher than what you actually think is reasonable so that you allow room for negotiations in case the insurance company does not accept your offer. This is so that, if you are forced to meet in the middle, you will still receive what you think is fair. An attorney will be able to advise you of the best numbers in negotiations.

Identify Final Offer: You should never give up too early when it comes to negotiations because holding out might mean that you will receive the offer you deserve. However, it is also important to identify when the insurance company has landed on its final offer. You should always ask if the insurance officer is able to increase their offer. If they say that they are unable to do so “right now” this might mean that later negotiations will help you receive the results you deserve. It never hurts to speak with an adjuster about how far they can actually go.

Speaking with an Accident Attorney in Florida 

After you have been injured in a Florida car accident, you may wonder how you will be able to move forward and receive the compensation you deserve for your damages. A personal injury attorney in Florida will be able to stand by your side and negotiate on your behalf so that you gain the compensation that is owed to you. At Sheftall & Associates, we have the legal knowledge necessary to help you through these trying times. Please contact an accident attorney in Florida to find out how we can help you at (904) 569-6025.