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Gainesville, FL – Car Crash with Injuries on SW Williston Rd

The Cause of Many Multi-Vehicle Collisions on Florida Highways

Multi-vehicle collisions are those that involve more than two vehicles and are sometimes set up much like a chain-reaction accident. Many of these accidents occur due to the initial recklessness of a driver but can actually happen because multiple drivers are acting negligently. Victims of these accidents can be left with some of the most severe injuries including TBIs, paralysis, spinal cord damage, burns, and more. The aftermath of a multi-vehicle collision is a difficult thing to face on your own.

Because there are many complexities and challenges that can pop up in these serious injury cases, it is important to understand that you have the right to speak with a skilled attorney after your accident. There are a number of ways that these accidents occur, some of which are highly preventable when drivers pay close attention to the rules of the road.

Common Causes of Multi-Vehicle Accidents 

Weather: Weather conditions can affect anyone’s driving who happens to be on the roadway at the time. This is especially true when a driver does not leave enough space between their vehicle and the one in front of them and slides or hydroplanes. Many pileup accidents happen every year due to fog, heavy rain, ice, and snow.

Speeding: When a driver speeds over the allotted limit in an area, they are at risk of losing control of their vehicle. This means that they could rear-end another vehicle, causing it to crash into a variety of other vehicles. Speeding accidents are incredibly severe and involve large amounts of force. 

Drowsy Driving: Fatigued driving is a leading cause of accidents every year within the U.S. When a driver falls asleep while driving, they are more likely to lose control of their vehicle when they do not know what is happening.

Intoxication: A driver’s abilities will become impaired when they are driving under the influence of alcohol. This means that they might not be able to reason as quickly as others and their reaction time could become delayed. In 2017, approximately 5,125 collisions took place due to drunk driving in Florida. These actions are a recipe for disaster when they involve multiple vehicles.

Distractions: When a driver is not focused on the roads around them because they are distracted, a serious accident could occur in the blink of an eye. Even the act of removing one’s eyes from the roads for a few seconds could cause a pileup with tragic results.

Tailgating: When a driver is tailgating, they are less likely to slow down in time. This could cause a rear-end collision that pushes one vehicle into the next.

Speaking with a Skilled Attorney After Your Accident 

The aftermath of a multi-vehicle collision can be a challenging reality to face. With the help of a Florida car accident attorney, you can ensure that you are holding the correct parties liable after these complex accidents. Our attorneys at Sheftall & Associates will help you build your case and negotiate the best possible settlement. Please contact our attorneys in Florida to find out how we can assist you at 904-647-2296.