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The First Phone Call to Make After a Traffic Accident

The First Phone Call to Make After a Traffic Accident

Car accidents happen very frequently in the United States and the state of Florida is often found in the very top three of the states in the nation with the most fatal car accidents. In 2021 alone, the state of Florida reported 400,431 total crashes with 3,405 being fatal.

Florida car accidents can be very shocking and distressing for anyone involved. Even mild fender benders can be jarring. The first thing that you may want to do is to call a trusted loved one like your parents or your spouse after you have been in a crash. While it is important for you to talk to your loved ones about what you experienced, right after a crash, they are not the first phone call to make.

A car accident can have several different outcomes. Even if you only suffer mild injuries, that does not mean that everyone else involved has as well. Calling 9-1-1 is should be the first call that you make. When you call the emergency services line, first responders will be notified of your situation. This means law enforcement will likely be dispatched along with emergency medical services and an ambulance to get medical aid to those parties that were injured.

After a crash in Jacksonville, call the Jacksonville car accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Sheftall & Associates for help with filing a Florida personal injury claim for compensation. 

Calling 9-1-1 First

The First Phone Call to Make After a Traffic AccidentThere are many reasons why calling 9-1-1 after a crash is the correct first phone call to make. 

Medical Aid

If there are people who suffered injuries that require medical treatment, it is necessary that you stay at the scene and help those who are harmed. So, if you are able to call 9-1-1 to get the assistance you must do this under Florida duty to give information and render aid laws. If you leave the scene before first responders arrive and do not provide your information or try to help injured parties this could be considered a hit-and-run and come with criminal penalties.

Having medical professionals come to the scene to treat you when you were injured can help you have your injuries attended to so you can recover effectively. Also, this information is important to your personal injury claim. If you are not treated on the scene, seeing a medical professional soon after your crash is recommended.

Police Report

Along with medical providers, the police can come to the scene and assess the accident situation. There are many actions that the police will take including talking with witnesses and making a preliminary determination of how the incident took place. If another party was negligent and their actions are what caused the accident to happen, this may be reflected in the written police officer’s report. While the police report will not be the only piece of evidence that will be considered in your case for compensation, it can strengthen your argument for winning your case and securing the compensation you need for all of your damages.

Insurance Information

Providing insurance information is important should your coverage not pay for the entirety of your damages. You may be able to file a claim against the negligent party for the rest. But, if the other party is not cooperative and refuses to provide you with their information, an officer can help facilitate that process so you can the information you need.

Calling Loved Ones

Informing loved ones of your accident experience can make you feel better and also put their minds to rest especially if they suspect something has gone wrong. But, calling loved ones should only be done after the officials are called. If you do not get emergency medical attention at the crash site or require an ambulance to swiftly take you to the hospital for treatment,  then calling a trusted medical provider next is a good second call to make.

However, if you are quite frazzled and need support, connecting with your loved ones at this point may be the right approach. Loved ones can come to your aid, help you think straight, provide comfort, and assist you to get started on the next steps including calling your medical provider to schedule an appointment.

Your loved one may also be helpful in assisting you with getting in touch with a Florida personal injury attorney. This too is a critical phone call that should be made soon after a crash happens. Working with an attorney provides you with sound legal resources to help you understand your rights and your attorney can also offer valuable guidance. Additionally, an attorney can take any legal challenges off of your plate. 

For instance, it is likely that the insurance company of the negligent party may be quickly reaching out to you. If you have legal representation, your lawyer can advise you on what you should or should not say to an adjuster. Your attorney may even assume the role of managing communications with the adjuster so that there is no room for error and jeopardizing the success of your claim. This is because, adjusters are not going to be calling you to check up on you, although they may make it seem that way. It is quite the opposite. They want to get more information from you that could devalue your claim.

In addition to managing insurance adjusters, meeting with an attorney swiftly after an accident happens allows your attorney to get to the important work of gathering evidence and building your claim. The longer you wait, the less potent and plentiful evidence may be which will hurt your ability to secure the most from your claim. 

Last, remember that there is a limited amount of time to file a Florida personal injury claim. The Florida statute of limitations for injury claims is four years from the date the incident took place. Many things can come up and happen during that time, so maximizing every second is for your benefit.

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