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The Long-Term Effects Many People Sustain Due to a Whiplash Injury

When many people hear of a whiplash injury, they might not always take it as seriously as they should. Many of those who sustain one of these injuries might believe that it will clear up within a day’s time and that they can return to their regular activities but this is not always the case. Any type of injury can have a long-lasting impact on a person’s life, which can make them eligible for different benefits as they navigate the legal system.

What is Whiplash?  

When involved in an accident, there is always a chance that the accident will happen so forcefully that it moves the head and neck back and forth. Whiplash happens when this back-and-forth motion takes place. Most people who are harmed in an accident, especially rear-end collisions, will sustain some form of whiplash. These injuries are sometimes so minor that victims do not notice the symptoms at first. In other cases, these injuries are extremely severe. If one of these injuries is not treated, it can lead to long-term impacts on a person’s life.

When Whiplash Has an Enormous Impact on a Person’s Life 

Many people are not prepared for the serious outcome of a whiplash accident that has a permanent impact on their lives. If a whiplash injury causes severe trauma to the neck or head, a victim might not be able to remain at work. This means that, even after they have recovered on many other levels, they might not be able to participate in activities they once enjoyed or make an income that will pay for their medical expenses. As such, an individual might be considered permanently disabled due to their injuries.

If you wish to seek disability benefits for your whiplash claim or coverage for aspects like medical bills and lost wages, you might be left seeking a claim against a negligent party who caused your accident. This means that you will have to work with an attorney who will help you gather evidence that can play a role in your claim. You will have to bring records to the courtroom for aspects like medical records, lost wages from work, and more to show them that you have missed time and are not able to support yourself while you are recovering due to the extent of the injury.

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help 

When you hire a lawyer to handle your car accident claim in Florida, you will find that there are many benefits to doing so. Handling your claim alone could put you at risk for missing deadlines and receiving less compensation than you originally expected. If you work with our attorneys at Sheftall & Associates, you can rest knowing that your claim is being handled professionally as you recover. Please contact our Florida law firm at 904-647-2296 to find out what options are available for you.