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The Most Dangerous Car Color

The Most Dangerous Car Color

When car insurance companies make calculations on the premiums that different customers pay, they hedge all of the potential costs they could incur should a crash happen. For example, if a luxury car is in an accident, the cost for those repairs is going to be much higher than a regular, mid-level model. Or, when one car has a higher safety rating than another, an insurance company may surmise that there could be less physical bodily harm and death for these vehicles versus those that have less safety technology and gear.

There are even those things that we cannot control that are used in the determination of car insurance costs. For instance, young males tend to cost more to insure than their young female counterparts. The reason why is because statistically, young men are more risky drivers and as a result, they are engaged in traffic accidents, are injured, and die more after a crash than females their same age do. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, crash deaths for a period of 45 years from 1975 through 2020, showed that males consistently died in numbers more than twice what females did from automobile accidents. Insurance companies take the statistics into consideration when rating the safety of a driver along with the type of car that they drive.

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How Can Color Increase Insurance Premiums

The Most Dangerous Car ColorThe color of a car does have an impact on insurance premiums and also safety in some respects, but not a direct one. In terms of insurance premiums, if you ever heard that some car colors are more perilous and therefore cost more for insurance coverage this is not actually the case. 

Considering that a car insurance company has to think about how much a car would cost to fix, they have to consider what is needed for those fixes. To illustrate this, think about a red car that is painted with a widely used shade of red that is also popular. It is likely that getting the red paint needed to fix this red car may be easier and therefore less expensive than some other colors. When a car has a color that is not as accessible, it could be more expensive to fix should a crash happen. The same is true for those individuals that choose to do a custom paint job. Replicating the paint seamlessly after a crash is a much more intricate and difficult task, so the overall costs of repair would be more. In this sense, car color could have an impact on insurance premiums.

Most Dangerous Car Colors

Overall, those colors that are bright and easily seen are going to be the safest. For this reason, vivid white, vibrant yellow, gold, and bold oranges are going to stick out from their environment and from others around them. As a result, they are going to be seen more easily by the human eye. This can make them less likely to be hit or noticed by other drivers trying to avoid being hit themselves.

Darker cars, though, and those that tend to have colors that blend in with that of the road and the environment are going to have high rates of crashes and be more dangerous. There is a lot of green outside especially in the warmer months. Therefore even though shades of green can be pretty and be a throwback to retro days, it is harder to identify cars with the color green.

Blue is similar to green in that there are many things that a blue car can coalesce with like the blue sky. At night, a dark blue car can be very difficult to make out and may only have its headlights as a sign that they are on the road.

A red color could seem robust, but because there is so much red on the road, this too can drown out the deep hue. Brake lights are red, red lights shine bright, stop signs are red and more. 

By far, though, the most dangerous color vehicle to have is black. In terms of research into car safety, black cars can have some of the highest rates of car accidents when compared to lighter options. In fact, a black car may have a risk of being in an accident 47% more so than another car with a color that is not as deep.

Car Safety Considerations

Therefore, there are many things to think about when you are purchasing a car. When safety is a primary issue, not only should safety rating be used as a determining factor but color should also be. The most important thing for a driver to do is to be responsible while behind the wheel to avoid a crash. But, if there are other things that can help, like a boost in visibility with the color of a car, this may be worthwhile.

According to the Kelley Blue Book, white tends to be the most popular color for all types of automobiles. Gray and black come in just after white for most vehicle types.

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