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The Signs That You Suffered a Concussion in Your Car Accident

Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most common types of injuries that take place in car accidents. In fact, between the years 2006 and 2014, it was reported that emergency visits involving brain injuries increased by approximately 53%. Some of the brain injuries that take place in these collisions are minor while others are incredibly severe. One of the most common types of injuries that occurs in these accidents are concussions.

What is a Brain Concussion?  

Concussions are one of the most common types of brain injuries that occur in car accidents and are typically minor in nature. These injuries occur when your head and brain shake back and forth quickly due to the impact of a car accident. Many people, but not all people, will also temporarily lose consciousness after they receive one of these injuries.

There are many symptoms that a person might notice after they have received a concussion, but this will depend on the type of injury you receive and its severity. Every person and their experience is different from the next, which is why an individual should be evaluated after an accident because it might not be so clear.

Signs That You May Have Experienced a Concussion 

Dizziness: If the world is spinning and you feel dizzy, this is a sign that you have a concussion. You might also be nauseous or experience sensitivity to light after your accident, which means that you should always seek medical attention.

Ringing Ears: If your ears keep ringing, this might be an indicator that you have suffered a blow to the head during your accident. 

Confusion: After an accident, many people will feel stressed and as if their mind is racing. However, it is not normal for you to forget things like the day or date. If you receive memory loss or confusion after an accident or the weeks after it, you have probably suffered some type of head injury. 

Sleep Problems: Sleep problems sometimes stem from an accident as well. If you are sleeping too much or sleeping too little, it is time to see a medical professional. 

Headaches: If you suffer a blow to the head and it is incredibly forceful, you will almost likely suffer from headaches as well. 

Irritation: If you have experienced mood changes including irritability or aggressiveness after an accident, you may have suffered from a concussion. The same can be said if you are suddenly feeling signs of depression. 

Concentration Issues: If you are having problems concentrating after your accident to the point where you are unable to focus at work or completing activities you enjoy.

Speaking with a Skilled Personal Injury Attorney 

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